Tuesday, November 1, 2005

MPS: Only 'Cause Kate Says I Haveta.

oh, ick.Your Monday Photo Shoot: Get a picture of yourself or a loved one making a truly goofy face. Because why not? We could all use a chuckle. This is not unlike the previous Photo Shoot where I asked folks to show a good cathartic yell; maybe one day we'll collect them in a coffee table book called "Emotional AOL." Yeah, that's it. We'll sell a million!

I was going to skip this Monday Photo Shoot, for the first time ever since John Scalzi instituted them.  My decision was partly because Kate and I already had plans for tonight's other entry,  and partly because I didn't want to post any more overtly unflattering pictures of myself. 

Unfortunately, Kate insisted that rather than blemish this attendance record, I should overcome my embarrassment and find an appropriate photo in my archives.  Since I've recently had to initiate a policy about never arguing with a gun-wielding lady pirate, I am complying with Kate's request.  Here's the picture.  I hate it very much.

Let us never speak of this again.



ondinemonet said...


It's fun to be silly. :) It just so happens Elvis makes a better silly face then I do. very cute! :)

Always, Carly :)

libragem007 said...

I am going to have fun with this week's MPS!
Gem :-D

billandnae said...

LOL!!!  Thanks for sharing!


ryanagi said...

Eh. Needs some eye rolling and tongue action. LOL!