Saturday, May 1, 2004

Don't forget the dog!

This is Tuffy Toro, sometimes called simply Toro or Tuf. She was named after Tuffy the Toro, the mascot of the AAA Tucson Toros, now known as the Sidewinders. Someone on the AOL sf writers' boards wanted to see a picture of her, so we took some today. I'll try to get a picture of the mascot uploaded here soon.

Like her namesake, Tuffy can look fierce--cute, but fierce--but she wouldn't hurt anyone. In fact, our Tuffy is a scaredy-dog. Bark and run away; that's her M.O.

We're told that Tuffy is part chow, having a chow's blue tongue. We've never really figured out the rest of her ancestry. She's about beagle-sized. Any ideas, anyone?

Please see "Four Things that Dogs Want" and "Five Things Your Dog is Trying to Tell You." And if you see my dog, be vewy vewy quiet. She hates loud noises, except for her own barking!


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shellys555 said...

Oh, what a sweetie!