Monday, May 3, 2004

Good Day, Eh?

I'm having a good day. That sounds dull, not even worth comment; but bear with me. As much stress as I've been under recently, a day of pleasant surprises and actual happiness is noteworthy. Hence, this note.

It started last night (after midnight, technically today), when I checked for my grade in Advanced Accounting.  After my less than stellar performance on the final, I expected a B for the course, possibly a B+.  I got an A.  I was so thrilled I had to wake John to tell him.  He forgave me immediately for interrupting his sleep with the news.

This morning I dropped my car off at the collision service. (I backed into a barrier at a gas station two weeks ago, causing much sturm und drang at home.) The "loaner" car, which will cost only $25 total for the week I need it, is a 2001 Toyota with the collision service's logo on the side.  I was expecting something like a 1978 Capri, a near-junker, so it was a nice surprise.  It drives better than my own car, but the NPR station doesn't come in as well on the radio.

Oh, and I took a chance on a pair of pants yesterday without trying them on, buying the next size up from a pair that didn't fit. The pair I bought fits perfectly.

And to top it off, I remembered this morning that I have one more day to make a dent in my backlog at work before my boss returns from Hawaii.  So I'd better get back to that.


P.S. I made some additions, corrections and improvements on about half of the character pages on last night. Anyone who is interested in material from the books themselves may want to take a look.

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shellys555 said...

Hey, Karen, Congrats on the grade. :)