Monday, May 10, 2004

Mavarin Update

(art by Sherlock, of course!)

With my usual lack of effective prioritizing, I've slipped farther behind in my coursework and instead made some slight progress on getting my Mavarin material published by someone other than myself. I've nearly finished my final edit on Heirs of Mavarin, collected contact info on additional agents and markets to try, and submitted a 298-word scene from the prequel to an online market. (I'll give details on that website if the piece is accepted). The scene depicts Darsuma's mother as a teenager, about to meet Shela's future father and, more importantly, the future Queen Genva.

The more I think about the prequel (to be titled either Prince of Mavarin or To Rule Mavarin), the more I see that I'd going to be very different from the other books. Heirs of Mavarin takes place over the course of about two weeks. Mages of Mavarin takes about a month to play out, with something happening everyday. To make the prequel work, however, I'm probably going to cover about 15 years, one chapter per year. It will be interesting to see whether I can pull it off!

Coming soon: "otherworld journal entries" from Darma (before she became Darsuma), Shela (a letter home) and possibly Fayubi (from the time of the prequel).


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