Thursday, April 21, 2005

Get Ready!

Get ready!I'm not going to write a big essay tonight, because a) I wrote two entries yesterday and b) I need to get a good night's sleep tonight.  The reason? Ta-daa!  I have a job interview tomorrow.  It's with a medium-sized CPA firm. I've had my suit jacket dry cleaned, and recolored my hair (light reddish brown, probably a little browner than before).  I've printed a couple of pages of the company's web site, and a fresh copy of my resume.  In the morning I'll dress up and do my makeup and all that, which I'll freshen up later in the day for the 2 PM appointment.

I went out tonight to B&N and bought Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions, plus one about salary negotiation.  On my way over there, I had an epiphany.  THIS is why I haven't gotten any studying done for the CPA exam since graduating from UoP.  I haven't been going to Barnes & Noble!

Huh? you may be saying.  Well, it's like this.  At home, there's blogging to do, and working on the fiction, and watching whatever John just rented on DVD.  There's also no really good place to read a book.  So when I was in school, I would take my textbook (or PDF printout) and head over the the cafe area of B&N.  I pretty much always got at least ten pages of reading in, sometimes much more, depending on the material and how long I was there.  When I needed a break, I'd browse the books (and purchase far more of them that John would have liked, given our finances).  Bottom line is, I got the reading in.  Then later, as class night approached, I'd do the homework papers and problems on the computer at home

That's right! The volume.  The text. But for the CPA studying, I don't have homework to do on the computer, short of buying a review course costing $800-$2400, depending on the company and features. John is uncomfortable about this additional expense, and I don't blame him. So the only CPA exam study I'm prepared for is to go through three review books I bought, supplemented by my textbooks.  Since there's no good place to read at home, no good homework to be done on the computer, and lots of fun distractions, I've let my learning skills and book larnin' on the subject of accounting atrophy.  So starting tomorrow, I'm going back to B&N to study those review books!  I can always buy an expensive course later.

Dang! It's late anyway. Shouldn't have taken the pictures for this.



ryanagi said...

Good luck today!!!! And photo of how the hair turned out?? LOL

jeff466 said...

Good luck on your interview!  The will be lucky to have you :)

Keep us posted-Jeff

deabvt said...

The most important thing is taking the exam while everything is fresh in your mind!