Friday, April 8, 2005

A Replacement for My Beloved Saturn

Meet the New Car...

Pretty, ain't it?

1994 Eagle Vision TSi 4 Dr Sedan

  • Only 61,414 miles on it.
  • $4495 plus tax and title.  It prices out a little lower online with similar options, but only by about $220.
  • V6 with 3.5 liter engine
  • Automatic transmission (of course)
  • A/C (absolutely necessary in AZ)
  • Power Steering, Windows, and Door Locks
  • CD player
  • Great color: teal, which is a shade or so darker than the Saturn
  • Bigger than the Saturn but not a hulk
  • Really pretty
  • Mostly rave reviews in the online sources I've seen so far.

I think I want it.  (Pictures added Saturday as 7:07 PM MST)


the Eagle is at Saturn

Well, I think I just bought it. 

First I drove the car.  It sounded great, shifted smoothly, and had impressive but intimidating features such as a directional readout and specific temperature settings for the surprisingly powerful A/C.

They ran CarFax for me.  It's had one owner and no reported accidents, and has only been driven about 12,000 miles since reaching Arizona four years ago.  The recalls on this car model have mostly been about the transmission.  This particular car shows no sign of problems in this area.

I put down a $200 deposit to hold it until the insurance thing is settled.  I spent the next hour or more signing bits of paper.  That's okay.  I have three days to return it once I do pick it up.  I still have to figure out how to come up with the cash, but I'll manage somehow, assuming the insurance settlement isn't ridiculously low.


rear view


deabvt said...

Karen, good engine, good price!

ryanagi said...

I say go for it. :-)

shellys555 said...

Cars all tend to sound alike to me. Then again, not being a driver, I don't usually pay attention to them.

BTW, I changed the name of the LJ Presto Speaks! a few weeks ago. It's The Write Stuff now (and I'm using it mainly, not the Blogger Presto Speaks!) So you might want to fix that next time you work on your links here. :)

alphawoman1 said...

I hate purchasing a car! I distrust all car, having worked briefly in the industry!  My new purchase, which seems imminent considering I have to give up my company car when I move, will be a Toyota hybrid!  At least I can dream.

cneinhorn said...

pretty color great price sounds like a deal to me!