Tuesday, April 19, 2005

When the Desert Turns Green (Revised)

Your Tuesday Photo Shoot! Earth Day and Renewal

Earth Day is about being environmentally conscious, and as it happens Spring is a great time for that, as the signs of earth's renewing itself make it easy to think about our world and the good things about it. So that's the Photo Shoot: Show signs of the earth renewing itself. This could be as easy as some shots of flowers in bloom, or as imaginative as you'd like to make it.

The view from Target on Grant, 3/15.

What's significant about this picture is that the Arizona desert is not normally this green.  We had an unusually wet winter, and this was the result, as of mid-March.

It's also supposed to have been a great spring for desert wildflowers.  I haven't really seen it that much, but these, most of which probably weren't wild, were in my neighborhood:

neighbor's yard.  verbena, I think.

These are from my front and back yards, respectively, today.


Front. The hummingbird (firecracker) bush, left, is not wild, at least in this case.

back, with Tuffy.

Back, with Tuffy.  I shot something just like this last summer.

These are wild.  You can also see the end-of-winter clouds.

Wildflowers, probably on Campbell above Sunrise.

And these are wild, from Gates Pass or Saguaro National Park West.  I forget which.

Gates Pass

Saguaro National Park West, I think!



jeanno43 said...

Wow, that is certainly green for the desert, never realised it could get quite that green - absolutely beautiful and so are the other pictures.  I love the flowers around the house.  

alphawoman1 said...

Such dramatic pictures.

ryanagi said...

Wow...Arizona. Who knew? LOL

tomkay1034 said...

I would add my own but don't knoiw how.