Thursday, August 4, 2005

Zoomin' Colors Revealed!

Here we go with the answers to what was depicted in the photos from my Monday and Wednesday night entries.  Becky did remarkably well, others less so.  I was a little surprised that stuff I thought was obvious turned out not to be.

1.c.  a real painting from a thift shop

Painting.  This is a slightly damaged original painting by no-one-in-particular that we bought at a thrift shop about five years ago.  We thought it had kind of a 1950s sensibility to it, and it went with the colors of the vintage furniture we were collecting: mostly turquoise and salmon.

2.f. It's the one on the right, obviously.

Tiki mug.  We have a rather large collection of tiki mugs, but this one caught my eye the other night. The white cup really isn't a tiki mug at all, but I like the way these two cups look together.

3. e.  vintage lamp  our turquoise and salmon corner.   

Pole lamp.  John found this vintage lamp at an auction, again about five years ago, for $45. It's in the classic 1950s colors of (you guessed it) turquoise and salmon. I like the way it shines on the old wallpaper.

4.a. I've got his marbles.

Bowl of marbles.
  I think some of these marbles date to John's childhood, but he's added to them over the years. I was certain somebody would guess this one right away, but nobody did.

Not really Dino, more of a Reluctant Dragon

Dragon bank.  I've had this fellow since seventh grade.  As you can see, he has not come through the past 35 years unscathed.  I always thought of him as Dino, but he's really more like the Reluctant Dragon.

6. (noletter): 
stainon the ceiling?

??? I don't know.  I think I accidentally pressed the shutter instead of the off button while walking into my office.  I've looked around, and there doesn't seem to be anything it can be but the ceiling. So what is the dark spot that  looks like a monkey?  Unless it's the shadow cast by my office door or by my blue resin dragon (which does not appear to be the case), the only reasonable candidate is this stain on the ceiling.

(no #) d. Yes, I know the photo is inept.

Print of The Chinese Girl, by Vladimir Tretchikoff. See    This is reportedly the biggest selling art print of all time, and yes, that surprises me, too.  I'd never heard of it, but it's part of the whole midcentury exotica aesthetic.  There's one of these at the Kon Tiki, between the men's and ladies' rooms.  Not surprisingly, ours is in better condition.  I know the photo above isn't very good, but it's a dark picture in an ill-lit part of the room, and I got tired of reshooting it.

That's all, folks!  Weekend Assignment entry to follow shortly.



ryanagi said...

LOLOLOL still giggling over my "clown" guess...

deabvt said...

Couldn`t guess a one!

rap4143 said...

I was completely puzzled!!!!

ckays1967 said...

those are really great shots!

fisherkristina said...

I came pretty close on the Tiki mug, lol.  I said Incan mask.  I knew it was some kind of ancient face.  


Boris Gorelik said...

Hi, Karen! If you're interested in Tretchikoff, you might like to visit my blog about his art: