Thursday, August 4, 2005

Zoomin' Colors, Revisited.

Here's your second chance to identify the stuff from Monday's entry.  Most of these shots are rejects from Monday's shoot, primarily due to blurriness. One is a different part of the same original photo. One is from an object I didn't show you at all before. Can you tell what's what and which is which?  What did I add?  What did I leave out?  Do you know what everything is now?
a. not an olive.  

b. tragically broken

c.  flashed out

d. Vina lives   e.  angle 

f. lip

Answers Thursday evening.


1 comment:

ryanagi said...

The first looks like that Italian blown glass...what's it called...Murano? The second must be part of that dragon. The third...Ah! Flash glare on an oil or acrylic painting canvas. Next I see lips and part of a white face...a clown perhaps? Then that orange glass with diffuse a lamp shade. And finally the tiki (cup perhaps?).