Monday, August 1, 2005

Zoomin' Colors

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of something in extreme close-up -- so close it's hard to tell what you're looking at. Ask people to guess. On Thursday, reveal what you've photographed. - J.S.

Gee, this is fun.  You read what the man said.  Guess! 
Obvious?  2. vintage
Mostly one thing.  More of the same.

4. I want candy!     round and round 

5. No, it's not the alligater I made in art class in elementary school.  

6. I don't know, either!

I don't know what #6 is.  I don't remember taking a picture of anything remotely like that.  Disturbing, ain't it?  

Hint:  you probably don't have most of these specifically, but you may have them generically.  Answers Thursday, as suggested.



cinisoul said...

is three an air balloon.

jamie24601 said...

1 looks like sofa fabric...and 5 looks like some sort of statue of a serpent or alligator or something.


fisherkristina said...

1.  Neon orange bat hanging onto cave wall
2.  Ancient Incan Mask
3.  Can of Pepsi in warped colors
4.  A whatyamacallit
5.  A hubcap
6.  A shark's mouth with shark teeth


mariebm56 said...

Looks like closeups on niknaks.
(small house hold objects)

deabvt said...

Yikes! No idea!

ryanagi said...

1. Hmm. Looks like fabric...or a painting of flame. 2. Tiki? 3. Sorta has beach ball strips...hmm...Uh...lamp shade? Looks like glass... 4. Also looks like blown glass...a cup of some kind or vase? 5.  Dragon tail! 6? Looks like a baboon's or Gibbon's face! LOL

rootbeerses said...

ohhhhhh... hard ones.
#5..  is that Jaws??  lol.  


ondinemonet said...

Hi Karen

1. A roof?

2. Stained glass window?

3. Cherry/Lemon Jell-o? One of those novelty ice cubes?

4. A beautiful picture frame?

5. A sprinkler or a dinosaur? LOL!

6. The first thing that cme to mind was a dental filling...

Am I close?

Always, Carly :)

daephene said...

Okay, 1 could be a fabric pattern of some sort, perhaps from some of your retro decorations.

2 I don't know about.  Obviously something with decorative carving on it.

3.  I like the lampshade answer so I'll second that.

No clue on 4.

5 is the mouth on a knick-knack of sorts, probably a dragon?

mutualaide said...

Oh gee...pretty close up shots!  I'm gonna just wait on the first five, but that last 'disturbing' one?  A very mad Reese's (sic) monkey!