Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Fun with Logic

Sorry: no time to write a journal entry right now. I just finished writing a 1700+ word paper (cut down from nearly 2000 words) about logical fallacies in business. After many hours of research, and honest attempts to provide clear, dispassionate examples of classic logical fallacies, I ended up with a paper that was largely a rant about the illogic of John's former employer. A sample:

1. John (or Fred) disagrees with me about the need for editing.
2. Therefore, he is insubordinate and should be fired.

This is a combination of the far-fetched hypothesis and the Ad hominem fallacy.

I'll try to write something more interesting after class tonight. However, I make no promise about not ranting.



cneinhorn said...

Go ahead and rant!  :-)

ryanagi said...

Rant away! Not sure what kind of grade it will get you, but maybe it will help vent some of the anger. LOL -B

ski875kelly said...

need help with a sorites and an enthyememe
can anyone help..........

enthyememe......Some evil is not god will, since everything in gods will reflects his nature.
what is the missing proposition..........