Thursday, October 28, 2004

Here Lies Some Blocher

Weekend Assignment #31: Your Own Epitaph .Write your own, preferably rhyming, epitaph.  Extra credit:  Write a cute epitaph for your favorite loved one, relative, or family pet. Suggestion: keep it light.
Karen did just what she said:/She knew she'd die, and now she's dead./But she worked it out this way:/The writer's gone, but her books stay.

Doubting John expressed surprise/When Heav'n appeared in his dead eyes./He asked the Lord, How can this be?/'Twas Karen sent you up to me. (no, that doesn't mean I murdered him.)

Tuffy oft declared her wish/For our food, not food in her dish./Always adequately fed,/She now begs treats from God instead.


olsarduy said...

Hello, I am new to the community and upon reading this .. I had to laugh my A&& off and comment here!  LOL!  Thats was good..

justcherie said...

Great work!  And isn't it funny how well this assignment goes with your previous two entries?  I haven't even started thinking about this yet!

ryanagi said...

Me thinks John got his assignment idea from you. LOL And yes...the lunatics are on the grass. I mean, the headstones are. ;-)

sharkie412 said...

Beautiful epitaphs! I'm a new reader to your J and look forward to reading more very soon :)

olsarduy said...

The one of the dog kills me. LOL.
Great job!

madmanadhd said...

Not just your word strike me as stunning but the whole page layout, sky colors, tombstones, words engraved in careful script. Oh how I wish there was a local class on how to do this cool AOL stuff. I can't even figure out how to add pictures into the dang background (instead of just changing the basic colors). Well done! Come take a peek at what I've done sometime?