Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Wolf at the Door

the wolf at the door.Would your kids run from this treat-giving werewolf? I had some genuinely scared trick-or-treaters on my hands, not just the little ones but also some older ones, especially when I broke out my hoarse, growly voice. Our house has a little covered alcove / patio the kids had to walk to to get to our door. Some kids hung back at the edge, especially when they saw me!

That was two years ago, I think. Last year I bought an even scarier mask the night before Halloween, at Walgreen's for $7.99. Not wanting to freak out the younger kiddies too badly, I played the Queen of Mâvarin until about 8:30, and then donned the shroud of the ghoul. There weren't a lot of people at the door after that, so hardly anyone saw the ghoul. This year, the ghoul will probably make an earlier appearance. I haven't decided yet who will greet the early arrivals.

the ghoul awaits your children!You can tell I love Halloween.

John won't answer the door at Halloween, but he waits at his computer, playing scary sound effects when the kids show up. I discovered last year that if I'm not in the front room, I don't hear the kids arriving, so I'll be stuck by the door, offline, probably in near-darkness, quite possibly studying. Next to the door will a boombox I normally keep at work, playing music and sounds from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

Benign Queen Cathma scares no one.The alcove will have fake spiders in fake webs, and eyeball lights, and probably a gargoyle on the door. A plastic jack-o'-lantern will cover the light that comes on as people approach. A real jack-o'lantern will probably sit on the a/c unit (again). We bought a fog machine a couple of years ago, but discovered that it dissipates too quickly in the dry Arizona air to be effective.

Next time, I'll tell you what the kids (about 75 of them in 2002) get for braving the spooky yellow house.


Top and bottom photos by JBlocher

Middle and background photos by KFB


ryanagi said...

LOL! I have to sit by the front door too. It's too hard on my knees running up and down the darn steps every time the bell rings. My John hates answering the door too. I also play spooky Halloween music and sound effects on the computer. The ghoul mask is TOO creepy! But I like the wolf. lol

cneinhorn said...

That first photo is hysterical, I've seen it at your sidebar too!  Great costume!