Wednesday, June 1, 2005

But It's Not Broken

I had my sprained finger x-rayed last week.  Dr. L. says that the results show no fractures whatsoever, and I believe her. 

The finger about 10 days ago.

She wants me to leave the splint off for part of each day in order to work on my mobility.  So I've been doing that.  I can bend it a little farther than when I started, but I've got a long way to go.

The finger tonight.

So riddle me this: was the middle finger of my right hand always this crooked?

The finger without the splint.

If not, is there a way to get it back into position without breaking what's not broken now?

The splint without the finger.


P.S. Aside to Becky et al.: any time it rains in the drought-stricken desert, partially replenishing reservoirs that have been way below normal levels for years and years, it's a good thing--especially if nobody dies in the process.  (People do occasionally die in flash floods or from lightning strikes.)  There's a small possibility that this will be the year that they finally declare the decade-long drought over.


gaboatman said...

Glad to hear that your finger is not broken.  I hope they can declare the drought over and that no fatalities occur in the process.

rap4143 said...

((((()))))) isn't funny how we can over come illness or injuries to type!!!! I hope you middle finger heals quickly!!!

montaukny said...

Hi!  Actually, I did break 4 fingers...1 at a time...over the course of my humble little life.  The same 2 on both hands (ring & middle fingers) & now each of them is more crooked than the other.  Not that yours is broken, so I actually have no darned idea where I'm going with this story.  LOL

~~Aunt Nub~~

ryanagi said... in comparing your right middle to the left, is there a significant difference? Do you ever have pain in your joints? (Early onset of arthritis can make the fingers start going a bit wonky...also osteoporosis...let's hope not.) Maybe it's a bit off from swelling? I'd talk to your doc. Maybe it's a tad dislocated? I am full of speculation.

devincc3 said...

Hey, I have the SAME EXACT problem with my left middle finger. Its not broken or anything. And its getting worse as time goes on. Everyone is saying arthritis or RA. But when i use it a lot...its send a achy feeling up my arm. And when i set my had down...its starting to bend a little..upward. I dont know...but in a way im glad im not the only one. Ill keep u posted if i ever find out what this is.

mavarin said...

Since I wrote this 30 months ago, my finger has improved just slightly and then stayed the same: stiff and mildly painful when I bend it. I can curl the finger until it almost touches itself - but not quite. I mention this in case it's remotely helpful / interesting / reassuring / aggravating to anyone who Googles up this entry again.

Myself, I can live with it.


C Buchar said...

How is it now? I think I'm having the same issue.


C Buchar said...

Is it still crooked?

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Sorry, C Buchar, I didn't see your comments awaiting moderation until tonight.

All these years later, that finger is still a little crooked and a little stiff. I fell on the same finger on my other hand in 2012, so now both hands are a little stiff. I am 57 years old now, so there may be a bit of arthritis involved. Good luck with your own issue!