Saturday, June 25, 2005

Two Pipes and Two Sunsets

In a way it's too bad I decided not to mention specifics about my new employer in this journal. I could regale you with a really interesting geographic quirk, and tell you of my gracious and semi-successful bit of socialization today, and shock you with a seemingly paranormal incident that should more properly be attributed to sleep deprivation. But instead I'll just tell you that I'm getting better at my job and a bit more comfortable with my co-workers, and that an IT guru finally got my remaining computer issues resolved today. I even found sun and moon stickers to cover up the SpongeBob-shaped bit of old adhesive on the monitor.

In other news, I picked up the certificate dedicating one the the pipes in the St. Michael's organ to my 100-year-old friend, Eva. I was only one of perhaps half a dozen donors pooling funds to honor her in this way. The $100 donation for a pipe dedication is used to retire some of the debt the church incurred in acquiring, housing, installing and repairing that magnificent organ.

Back in 1998, when I was still relatively new to St. Michael's, I put up $100 ($20 at a time over the course of several months) to buy a pipe in honor of my high school boyfriend, the late Dan Cheney. After I made the last payment, the parish administrator left a voicemail on my home phone, asking me to call her. Today I finally got back to her about it. When I said it was dedicated to my dead boyfriend from high school, she said "You have one of those too, huh?" Hers came back from Vietnam in a body bag. Anyway, by the end of the day today, Alicia had put together Dan's long-delayed organ pipe certificate.

I don't really have anything else to say tonight, so here instead are some fresh pictures.

The original version of last nights background, except for cropping.

Another version of the shot I used as a background last night.

all I did to this was resize it.

Tonight's sunset pre-show.

I think I autocorrected this one.

A couple minutes later and a block further east.

unfiddled with

All did to this was resize it.

Still no moon!



deabvt said...

But such great work...& Heart!

ryanagi said...

Those photos...WOW! Be good this week. ;-)

sepintx said...

Love the rays of the setting sun.

boiseladie said...

Awesome photos of the sun and clouds!  

deveil said...

I love these shots!