Thursday, June 2, 2005

Watermelon Head

circa 1982Weekend Assignment #62: We've all experienced regrettable hairstyles and haircuts. Relive a regrettable hair incident in your past for the amusement and edification of all.

Extra Credit: Are you kidding? Pictures! Pictures all around!

Here I am in front of the poster rack at Rockarama, circa 1981, sporting my second worst hair ever. I had succumbed to the pressure to get New Wave / punk hair - or, at least, short hair, as bestowed by one of my punk customers.  Bad mistake.  The hair was awful in and of itself, and also accentuated my weight and my double chin.  For years afterward, I used this photo as inspiration for How Not to Look.

There have been other hair traumas over the years, mostly involving my mom and an almost Shirley Temple look, and a couple of times I've caught my hair on fire.  (Darned cake!)  But my very worst hair ever happened one day in 1986 or so.  John's sister Martha talked me into going to an expensive, hoity-toity Phoenix hair stylist for a $75 haircut.  This was during the era of the tv series Moonlighting, and I had some idea of getting my hair to look a bit like Cybill Sheppard's, only in brown. 

The hairdresser spent a fair amount of time teasing and curling and probably perming.  He was really into the concept.  Unfortunately, the combination of Maddie Hayes + that hairdresser + my hair = a bad impression of a lopsided watermelon.  In brown.  The hair on one side bowed out about six inches from my head.  The other side only went about half that far.

Needless to say, I hated it.  I thanked the man, paid him, got in the car and started crying.  John said I was making a fuss for no reason.  He said it didn't look that bad, and that anyway, it was only hair, and would grow out and maybe even flatten out over time.  I should give it a chance.  I immediately got out my hairbrush and did my best to get rid of the watermelon head look.  It helped a bit.

These are by no means my only hair disasters or mishaps.  They're just the worst of them.  It seems that one side always comes out longer than the other, or the hair color isuneven, orthe overall length is longer or shorted than requested.  This happens pretty much every time.

As a result, I don't go to hair salons much.  Do you blame me?



ryanagi said...

OK you win. LMAO!!! Oh I hope you killed the person who gave you this look. ;-)

ryanagi said...

It really is hard to find a good stylist. I finally found one who gave me the BEST haircuts (she couldn't color or highlight worth a darn, but the CUT was more important). My mother thought I was crazy, but I would make sure I had an appointment with my old salon every time I was going up to MA for a visit. NJ to MA just for a haircut. Maybe I was a little crazy. But I have yet to find someone down here who can do my hair to my satisfaction. And I HATE the woman John has settled for. She does such a crap job on his hair...but he likes her. She does OK with Tyler's hair tho. *sigh* Oh...and this cut doesn't look THAT bad. You do have an adorable look on your face that kinda outshines the hair. ;-)

ondinemonet said...


you always look adorable to me! LOL. Great story! :)

Always, Carly :)

coelha said...

Awww...  I think it's cute..  You could be John Lennon's sister!  Ha..sorry.  Very cute picture!   Julie :)

gabreaelinfo said...



salemslot9 said...

Can't be all bad...gotta love John Lennon!:)

domesticatedchic said...

lol* you made me laugh not so much the picture but you have good humor.. :) Mel

shelt28 said...

Great Picture. Thanks for sharing. I didn't dare share mine!!

kissofvanity said...

Hey, great pic.  Sounds like you've had some interesting hair experiences.  You have a good sense of humor about it all.  :)


cneinhorn said...

Love the doo, and the shirt??!! Fabulous!  :-)