Thursday, June 30, 2005

Haiku Declaration

Weekend Assignment #66: July 4 Haiku! A 17-syllable holiday poem, please!

Extra credit:
Patriotic pictures!

Please, Mr. Adams!
Let us celebrate
A Philadelphia day
On which men agreed

Jefferson, Adams
And Franklin worked together
To craft a masterpiece.

"When in the course of
Human events..." lines I learned
In school stay with me.

We hold these truths...said Tom.

Can you imagine
What History would have thought
Of less glowing words?

Would we keep Tom's ink
Under special glass, if all
He wrote was "See ya!"?

We remember Tom
Because a country sprang from
His glorious text.

Franklin helped too.
"We hold these truths..." yes:
We believe more than they did
In Equality.

"Life, Liberty and
the pursuit" of something we
Never quite pin down.

Centuries have passed.
Still we light the rockets' glare
Because we are free.

KFB 6/30/05

 Fitness Diary: Day Four

the numbers to beat next time.My arms were sore today from last night's workout, but not anywhere near as sore as I was afraid they'd be.

Tonight I got a late start, mostly because John popped in a couple of Farscape episodes after our trip to Safeway and Wing Factory (the latter of which took forever).  I walked Tuffy at 9 PM, did my Haiku entry, retrieved my keys from John's slacks, and finally got to L.A. Fitness at 11 PM.  I only had an hour, but I was determined to get some work in, including another half hour on the treadmill, this time with a photo to prove it.

Time being short, I only did three kinds of leg exercises, and only one set of the last one.  Then it was back to the treadmill.  On at 11:30, done at closing time--barely.  This time I went for 30 minutes at 3.0 mph.  My heart rate was up around 140 at one point, but I got through it okay.  I'm sorry the picture's so blurry, but I was in a rush to get it done and get out of there.  I walked out just seconds before they actually turned out the lights.

Aside from my annoying the staff, I think perhaps the end of the night is not the best time to do this workout.  I didn't get all the exercises in, I was significantly more tired than last night, and when I got home I used an inhaler to help me stop coughing.  Worst of all, from 11 PM on they play really obnoxious dance music.  I really need that iPod!  The only benefit of the late hour is that the club is a bit less crowded.

Momentum maintained!



gdireneoe said...

OMG!  GOOD!  I am SOOO out done! pithy little Haiku!  I thought we had to be short.  This is really good.              C.

gaboatman said...

Nice Haiku work, Karen.  What I am really excited about, though is you keeping your momentum up for your work outs!  Way to go!

gotomaria said...

These Haiku's are really great..what a good job you have done here....not just one but several of them.  I love the quotes from these leaders.    

madmanadhd said...

You are just so dang talented. I can barely get one Haiku off in over two hours and you put a string of them together to make a fantastic patriotic statement.

Hang in there with the workout! It pays off more and more in time. I've almost been at it for a year and can finally see some payoffs physically. I think it helped me cognitively almost right away. I'm plugging for ya!

Here's my first shot ever at a Haiku (good thing it’s short). Come on by when you get a mo and give a peek? Thanks.

debbted said...

Wowee Karen~Your haiku was extraordinary!!! Happy 4th~Sassy ;-)

pixiedustnme said...

Alrighty then you haiku showoff!  That was amazing!

sinnermeetevil said...

sinnermeetevil said...

nice job!

courlog said...

Love the haiku!!  Sounds like you are doing well on your fitness journey as well!  Better than me! hahaha!


angelicregan75 said...

What a amazing haiku. Awesome!!!

andreakingme said...

I absolutely love how you handled the haiku assignment. Wow!

ryanagi said...

Workout at 11pm?! I'd be up all night. A workout really gets me going...wide wide awake. I should work out in the morning. I know that is the best time for me...but I can't seem to get it together before 2pm. LOL It will be thus again when Ty is at camp (also in the afternoon).

princesssaurora said...

Loved the Haiku - awesome!!!!