Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Fruitcake Tin and Photo Shoot

After the time and bandwidth I put into last night's extravaganza, I should do a short one, with relatively few words and only two pictures.

Picture #1:  The Infamous Fruitcake Tin

the fruitcake tin and its contents

This is where I found the crystals, except for my geode.  I don't quite remember where I found that, but it wasn't where I looked at first.  I've taken a few of the other objects out of the can so you can see them.  Most of them belonged to my Mom, but the O.S.U. McDonald's button is from my brief fast food career in 1979.

Picture #2:  My New Photo Studio

I've been taking most of my pictures of "stuff" on a kitchen counter, lit by the stove light, a vintage hanging lamp, and track lighting over the sink six feet away.  Even with all that, I almost always had to resort to flash.  Last night, after starting out this way, I found a much better, brighter place to set up my little photo shoots.  Did you guess that most of last night's photos were of stuff placed on top of a washing machine?

These pictures came out a little iffy.  The second one suffers from the 1% rotate command I gave it, but I don't know what the deal is on the other one.  Oh, well.



rap4143 said...

I'm enjoying everyone's interruption of photographing crystal :).

krobbie67 said...

Love your photo studio! LOL! I like taking pics in my kitchen. The lighting is wonderful. I especially like the lighting given off by my range hood. It gives off a softer amber glow. :-) ---Robbie

gabreaelinfo said...

Hey, what a great use for a fruitcake.



ryanagi said...

lol good photo spot! Man...your washing machine is CLEAN. Mine looks like it was kept in a dungeon for 5 years. It sorta was...a natural stone basement with a packed dirt floor. I've never been able to get it looking like new since we moved.

ondinemonet said...

Isn't it fun when we find a great place to capture just the right light? Very cool studio indeed! Tell me you like fruitcake, I have been searching for a certain brand for years, and no one i know even likes it but me. Sigh, LOL.

Always, Carly :)