Friday, June 10, 2005

More Video and Photo Fun

Here are a few more pictures from Production #0903-11 of The Star Trek Adventure.  Funny how at least one of these superintelligent, advanced and enlightened aliens still wears glasses.

Kung fu, or the Charleston?
The Preceptors will never win a synchronized dance contest.
Kung fu, or the Charleston?
Didn't I see this in a ZZ Top video in the 1980s?

Last night as I was fussing with the above video of me in the silly alien costume, attacking the Enterprise by siccing a giant space octopus on it, I also pulled out a VHS tape from another interactive video production.  This other one was made at the second Quantum Leap convention in 1993.  Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell shot a funny little mini-leap on the diner set of the Elvis episode, "Memphis Melody," and leapers got to play the person Sam was there to help.  Unfortunately, Ziggy's predictions about the leap are vague and inaccurate, so Sam ends up being the guest star's Worst Customer of All Time, and isn't even there when "Something terrible happens to this person!" 

Despite its low budget and limited cast (or maybe because of it) this  thing was ever so much better than the Star Trek one.  The writing was 1000% better, with a much funnier premise and a very low cliché quotient.  Scott and Dean really had fun with it, and probably did quite a bit of ad libbing.  The costume was basic but fairly realistic and dignified, and best of all, the production was not designed to make fun of the guest stars and their bad acting.  I saw some really good acting in some of these.  I'm no actor, but even mine is not too bad.

Not bluescreen or greenscreen, I suppose, but the same principle.   This customer drove me crazy!
Not exactly blue screen, but the same general idea!

This customer drove me crazy!
This customer must have changed his order twenty times!  And what's an Evian? 

I thought I'd round out this entry tonight by faking up a third digital encounter with a favorite show from tv's glorious past.  It's not very good, but it was a fun attempt.  Con permisso, I present to you, for the first time anywhere, "The Adventure of Zorro and the Time-Traveling Waitress," starring Guy Williams as the one, true Zorro.  In this key scene, Zorro and Eviana try to entice Sergeant Garcia to come have a hamburger and a beer.  Perhaps Eviana should have offered a food that had actually been invented by the early 19th Century.

I did this in PhotoStudio. Not very good, but it was a fun idea.
That's all for now.  Stay tuned for a Round Robin Update.  In the meantime, Zorro and I are glad you stopped by!


Round Robin Update:  Announcing The Next Round Robin Photo Challenge

It is Kat's turn to choose a subject, for the next Round Robin Photo Challenge and she's come up with a doozey: "C
liché!" I'm really excited to see what people do with this one! The challenge will take place on Wednesday, June 22nd, and you can post your entry anytime between the midnights.

A grand total of 19 people participated in this week's challenge, with a wide variety of interpretations of Steven's chosen subject, "crystal."  They were all great, so I hope you'll take the time to make the "rounds" and see them, if you haven't already.  A complete list (except for my own entry, which doesn't link to itself!) can be found at the bottom of my own "Crystal" posting below.

Remember, the Round Robins Photo Challenges are open to everyone, so come join in the fun!  Here are the guidelines we've developed to keep this fast-growing meme a positive experience for everyone:

  • Let us know you plan to play along by sending us a link to the journal where you will be posting your entry.  This can be done in the comments section of the person who is hosting the subject, or by emailing either Karen (mavarin) or Carly (OndineMonet). We will add you to the list of links.  Carly just sent out an email announcement to past participants in order to facilitate this. You can also RSVP in a comment to this entry, or to Carly's similar one

  •  In order to encourage everyone to discover new journals to enjoy, and to get their own journals seen by as many people as possible, we ask each participating Round Robin to post links to their fellow Robins at the bottom of each entry.

  • I'm going to quote Carly on this one: "Here is the most important part...HAVE FUN! BE CREATIVE! STEP OUT OF THE USUAL and into the WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES!"

Ready!  Set!  Shoot!  Start looking for ways to visually interpret the subject of Clichés!



ryanagi said...

LMAO!! You are too funny! (Oh man I need sleep...but that will just make Sunday come faster and I really really really don't want to go visit my parents this week. sigh.)

ondinemonet said...


This is delightful! I am enjoying thses photos so much! It has been years since I went to a sci-fi convention, and I doubt I will be going back to one, so seeing these photos makes my heart smile! Thank-you for the fun entries you post!

Always, Carly :)