Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Color Me Happy


July 8th, from the window of my office building

This is the picture that gave me my approach to the latest Round Robin Photo Challenge,"Mood." The cliché is that the color blue evokes "mood indigo," the blues.  If you feel blue, it means you're depressed, even downright sad.  Clouds and the rain are associated with the same thing.  But the truth is that when I saw this rainy blue sky last week, it made me happy.  In Tucson, rain is almost always good news,especially if you're waiting for the monsoon to arrive.  I was also really happy with the impressionist look caused by the combination of camera, software, and rain on the window pane.

This got me to wondering whether colors really have much to do with the moods and emotions with which they're associated.  You might wear a color because you're in a mood already, but does color cause a mood?  Does weather cause moods?  How about the colors of the day?  For example:

Sunshine on my shoulders?

Does sunshine on my shoulders make me happy?  Not likely, when it's 110 degrees outside!

Is my house a coward?

Does my yellow house give me a sunny disposition, urge caution, or indicate (or encourage) my cowardice?

Sunshine on my shoulders?

Does pink put me in the pink?  Does it make me feel like a girl?  Does blue make me feel like a boy?  Does purple make my prose mawkish?

Black is the new black.

the comforting darkness

Does darkness darken my mood?  Or is it a relief and a comfort?

Do I envy people whose grass is greener?

Is it easy seeing green?

Does green fill me with new life?

Does green make me envy people whose grass is greener?  Does it encourage me to grow? Or, when it's this kind of tree, does it just remind me of Van Gogh?

Little red...

Does seeing red make me see red?  Does it make me angry or alarmed?  Or does it make me stop?

Do you know what the traffic light says to you?
Does you know what the traffic light says to do?
Yellow says, "Be careful,"
Green says "You may go,"
But red is most important:
It says "Stop!" you know!

Orange you gonna ask...?

Orange you going to ask what I have to say about this color?

Should I be yellow or blue?
And how does one react to mixed signals?

the power of color?

The truth is that John and I like bright colors, the sorts of colors one sees mostly in children's fashions and furnishings, and in nostalgic books about the 1950s.  Living in a world of just beige and mauve, ochre and umber, tan and, that WOULD give me the blues!


Wednesday night: Just the blues, plus a monsoon update.

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ondinemonet said...


This is an amazing entry. You never cease to impress me. I enjoyed all these photographs so much and you are so right with what you wrote. The sunset was completely disarming. Beautiful! You have been working magic with that camera young lady! Lovely!

Always, Carly :)

demandnlilchit said...

Colors enhance my moods also...........turquoise makes me feel fabulous! lol

oceanmrc said...

Neat entry!

sonensmilinmon said...

It's amazing the effects colors can have on our moods.  I carefully painted the rooms certain colors to enhance the "feeling" of that room.  Our kitchen is bright and cheerful yellow, the bedroom however is a soft aqua that calms me. :-)  Neat entry.


montaukny said...

Fabulous entry!  Amazing what different colors can do to us!

~~Aunt Nub~~

PS Mine's posted, too~

babyshark28 said...

Wow, pictures AND an indepth study on Moods, very nice!
I am sure colors, weather, people, all effect our moods.
but, we always have the final say!

I am still looking for my camera  ::weep, weep::

deabvt said...


tc01hm said...

Gave me a lot to ponder!

awen1122 said...

Oh how I miss Tucson!!!  Lovely photos!!!

csandhollow said...

I love how you did this! You are so creative.

gaboatman said...

Job well done!  Bravo!  Great Round Robin entry!

happinessdreams said...

Very nice.

sassydee50 said...

So may moods determined by the weather/sun/sky! Wonderful entry. My fav photo is the first "indigo"; that shot is so creative and moody--I just love it! ;-)Sassy

ryanagi said...

Darn! I missed it again. Who is the queen of this challenge? I guess I need to get alerts for her journal so I know what the challenge will be. LOL

sepintx said...

Mood colors :-)
I like what you've done with the theme.

boiseladie said...

Great entry....