Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I Don't Wanna, Can't Make Me

Listen, I don't wanna stay up late AGAIN tonight writing a long blog entry.  Anyway, I don't want to talk about the few things that are on my mind. 

I don't wanna explain about the new route to the office that gives me three minutes of walking in an air conditioned corridor instead of four or five minutes in the 104 degree heat.  I don't wanna tell you a really interesting story about someone at work that I've barely met, but connected with briefly and unexpectedly the other day. 

I don't wanna explain this photo.

I don't wanna try to come up with interesting things to say about these cloud pictures, or even gripe about the almost total lack of rain in town from these otherwise impressive cumulonimbus that fill the sky.

I don't wanna explain this photo.

I don't wanna tell you all about another bad session with my personal trainer.  Oh, it wasn't as bad as last time, but it sure wasn't good.

I don't wanna explain this photo.

I don't wanna explain why I was so relieved after calling Worldwide Travel on Monday.

I don't wanna explain this photo.

I don't wanna discuss an upcoming trip to Disneyland, and why I'm nervous about an inevitable revelation.

So I won't.  You can't make me.  Not tonight, anyway.

I don't wanna explain this photo.

What I wanna do is show you a lot more cloud pictures (from yesterday and mostly today) than I should put in a single entry.  I uploaded ten pictures altogether.  Let's see if I can keep the actual posting to five.

Then I wanna play around with Mages for a few minutes, take my bath and go to bed.

So I will.



gdireneoe said...

LOL  Now that was just a whole lot to say from someone who didn't want to say nuttin' ;)  C.

gaboatman said...

Gee, I think Karen may get a little cranky before her bath sometimes.  Just kidding, Karen.  The cloud picutres are great and I'm glad your walk to the office now has the added benefit of air conditioning.  Wondering about that revelation here!

deabvt said...


rap4143 said...

Good night Karen!

ryanagi said...

Revelation? Disneyland?? I am DYING of curiosity and won't be able to sleep. It's all your fault. ;-)

ondinemonet said...


Even when you "don't wanna" you are a delight to be around. :)

Love, Carly