Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Monday Evening, Revisited

Tuffy and the puddle, yesterday. 

Tuffy welcomes you to another round of pictures from Monday evening's light rain, sunset and dusk.

 The "uncorrected" version of the purple sunset.
This is a version of the purple sunset photo from last night's entry, without the "autocorrect."

Sunset Monday.

More sunset photos, taken in different spots in and around my neighborhood.  (Neighborhood, hah!  I don't know the name of a single neighbor!)

Almost dusk.

The "hills" are rooftops of off-base housing.  I fantasized that someone would think I was a terrorist, taking photos for strategic purposes.

Sunset lights a culvert.

Sunset reflects in a culvert's flowing rainwater. It was dark enough by then that my camera needed a long eposure time, resulting in blurriness.  Sorry!

Sunset Monday.

Dark creeps in on a street near my home.

a car crosses a wash behind Palo Verde High. 

I didn't manage good pictures of the wash behind Palo Verde High School, and I was holding up traffic.  But you get the general idea.

a car crosses a wash behind Palo Verde High.

Dark now.  Time to go home.



sakishler said...

What glorious, glorious sunsets. Arizona be praised.

rap4143 said...

Oh what wonderful colors!!!

cneinhorn said...

Tuffy is so cute~ and I love all the sunset photos!  I just put a sunset pic up too!  Nothing like  summer sunsets :-)

~  www.jerseygirljournal.com