Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sublime and Ridiculous Ice Cream

Weekend Assignment #69: You've been hired to create a whole new ice cream flavor that's never been thought of before (so far as you know). What flavor do you create? For this assignment you can pick any flavor -- or combination of flavors -- that you like, but, you know, try to make it something that you'd actually want to eat. Also, try to give it an ice-creamy name, like how Ben & Jerry's chocolate and cherry ice cream is called "Cherry Garcia." Mmm... Cherry Garcia. Indeed, here's the Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard, so you can see how the experts do their ice cream flavor labeling.

Extra Credit: Oh, fine. Create an utterly inedible ice cream flavor, too. Try not to make it too gross, and definitely don't make it a TOS violation. But it can include ingredients that you wouldn't really put into food. Usually.  - J.S.

What I have on hand isn't nearly as good.

No Sugar Added "Berry Rocky Road":

  • No Sugar Added Chocolate ice cream base
  • No Sugar Added Brownie and chocolate chunks
  • Pecans, coated with--you guessed it--NSA chocolate
  • NSA marshmallow bits - not drizzle, not dry, but chewy mini-marshmallows
  • and, to make it unique:  blueberries and raspberries.  They aren't completely low carb, but they're not over-sweet, either.
However, I freely admit I'd rather eat Paul's flavor.

Extra Credit:

P.B.B.S. - Peanut Butter and Baloney Sammich!
  • Peanut Butter ice cream
  • Actual chunks of white bread
  • Strips of bologna
  • Drizzled yellow mustard

With an abbreviation like that, it should have some sort of public tv tie-in, such as Norm Abrams eating it if you pledge $1000.

This was inspired by a sandwich I used to make around sixth grade.  It had bologna and peanut butter, mayo, mustard and lettuce.  Eventually I had to admit to myself that it tasted better without the peanut butter. So I spun off the peanut butter into a separate creation: peanut butter and applesauce.  Hmm.  How would that work as an ice cream flavor?


Update: I couldn't stand it any longer.  Having read Carly's and Paul's entries, I had to go get at least a vague approximation of my ice cream.  I made a midnight run to Safeway, and bought NSA butter pecan ice cream and and an Atkins candy bar.  The berries I had already.  It's not perfect, but it's not bad.

P.S. Random photo from my uploaded leftovers:

Wednesday sunset at Wilmot and 22nd.


plittle said...

Sorry, but "no sugar added" simply means "with artificial sweetener" and I won't go near that stuff. It just plain tastes bad. My wife eats those Atkins peanut butter bars. I hate them. The artificial sweetener, even though there is less in one of those bars than in just about anything else, just makes me sick. Can't drink diet pop either. Blech!

pixiedustnme said...

very creative!!

ryanagi said...

No sugar? jeeze...might as well make it fat free too. That ain't ice cream! LOL But add the sugar and the fat and your flavor...nah. Still wouldn't eat it. I hate marshmallow. LOL

ondinemonet said...


That is a gorgeous sunset! Oh my so lovely! I love the idea of "Berry Rocky Road."
I would try the P.B.B.S...sure why not? I like garbanzo beans and green onions in lime jell-o! :)

Always, Carly :)

justme30453 said...

Coming under fire for creating a "diet" ice cream? lol....except for the NSA I'd have to say it sounds good. Though I think I'll skip the PBBS....:-P  (and thanks)