Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Summer Survival, Part Deux: Refuges and Refugees

This is my bonus entry for the Round Robin Photo Challenge, theme "Summer."  It's my chance to post a few more Mount Lemmon pictures, and revisit the issue of where Tuffy tries to stay cool.

Lemmon Aide

These pictures were taken July 3rd.  It probably wasn't the height of the holiday traffic, but it was reasonably impressive anyway.  The line of cars in my side mirror was waiting for one of the Windy Point traffic lights, which allow only one lane / direction at a time through the construction zone.

Traffic backs up at the Windy Point traffic lights.

Mount Lemmon is twenty or thirty degrees cooler than Tucson, and undoubtedly pretty, but in summer before the monsoon starts, it's not exactly lush.  In fact, it's rather dry.

Mount Lemmon is beautiful, and cooler, but rather dry this time of year.

Because it is so dry, and because any thunderstorms that do try to get going hover directly over the mountains, this is fire season.  A chunk of Mount Lemmon was burning two years ago this week, including Summerhaven.  

The sad part about Mount Lemmon in summer is that it often catches fire.

Tuffy: Caught in the Act

This morning I did catch Tuffy in her cool spot in the master bath.  When I came back with the camera, she saw me and started to get up.  That's okay--it just made the picture cuter.

I caught her in her spot, and she caught me taking the picture!
Looks as though I interrupted her reading!

Did I interrupt something?

Summer *Explodes*!

Remember my 116 degree car, and the club soda my husband John has been drinking in quantity?  Last night he bought four more sixpacks of club soda on sale, but forgot to bring them in from the car.  Here's what happened to them today:

Maybe that's why they call it pop!

Maybe that's why they call it pop!

I'm not sure you can tell from either version of the photo, but nearly every can is now an exciting new shape! Pop! Pop! Pop!


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ryanagi said...

LOL Poor Tuffy...wearing a heavy fur coat in those high temps.

oceanmrc said...

I remember going to SE Arizona one July ~ very very impressive heat!
Thanks for visiting.

krobbie67 said...

But your car is clean! After all it is club soda. :-) ---Robbie