Friday, August 20, 2004

AOL-J Anniversary CyberFair - Arizona

ARIZONA - The Grand Canyon State

part of the State Fair Carnival

(Don't miss tonight's CyberBall!)


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<-- A Hopi clown celebrates with us.

Koshare Katsina by Michael Dean Jenkins (Hopi/Pima) (courtesy of the Heard Museum)



Have an Eegee's Flavor of the Month with your fajitas, with maybe some cactus candy for a desert-y dessert.  Stroll through the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, take in a gunfight at Old Tucson, and head up to Phoenix for a visit to the Heard Museum and, if you're a fan of the opposing team, an Arizona Diamondbacks game. (Sorry, but they're terrible this year.) Continue north to Flagstaff, and head east on I-40 / Route 66 to check out whether Winslow, Arizona has such a fine sight to see.  Take in the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, discover the little-known wonder of the Little Painted Desert, visit First Mesa on the Hopi Reservation, and double back for a trip to the Grand Canyon.  You'll want to be there to watch the sun rise.

Don't have time for all that?  Oh, well, just read my journal, then.  I'll get to all those places eventually.

my hero
<-- Arizona Governer Janet Napolitano

<--Kokopelli in his native element

Slogan found on the State of Arizona website: 
many lands, many people, many faiths - one arizona

Kokopelli and javalina

Kokopelli entertains a javalina -->>

Below left: Old Tucson bad guys

Below right: more Hopi clowns, courtesy of Santa Fe Trading Co.

Old Tucson "bad guys"courtesy Santa Fe Trading Co 



Karen Funk Blocher


Arizona CyberFair Booth

More Destination Links:
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Heard Museum
Petrified Forest National Park
Grand Canyon National Park
Old Tucson Studios


viviansullinwank said...

I love the Arizona booth!!!  Thank you for putting it together for the J-Land Carnival/State-Fair

sasonalmah said...

That was fun and a great idea!


haikulike said...

i'm a bit late commenting here-- i thought i told ya i liked this then.  guess not.