Friday, August 27, 2004

Maybe It's Just Me After All

Last night it took hours for me to post and tweak the entry below this one, because AOL could only access web pages (including its own) for the first few minutes of each connection. After that, an attempt to do anything with this journal (or any web page) would generate an error page. Even my attempts to sign off usually resulted in a busy/no response message after several minutes of waiting.  I also got bounced from Windows Messenger repeatedly during identical problems the night before.  Annoying, very.

Eventually, as an experiment, I loaded this journal in Netscape and in the stand-alone IE browser, each through the same buggy AOL connection that currently didn't want to open web pages .  They loaded quickly and well. 

So what's the deal?  Did that Windows service pack I loaded the other night mess up my AOL software somehow?  I've run the AOL "fix it for me" routine several times to no effect.  What the heck is going on?  Is there a problem with the Tucson AOL connections, with AOL's servers, or just with my computer?  Is it just me after all?


Update: Sunday morning, 2 AM:

I've upgraded to the latest AOL, disabled the new Windows XP firewall temporarily, and attempted to get support on three companies' web sites (MS, Symantec and AOL) and by phone from AOL. No help has materialized.  I currently can't open a web page with AOL, only from IE or Netscape while connected to AOL.  This is getting VERY annoying!


ryanagi said...

At this point I would be removing and then reinstalling the most recent version of AOL. ;-) -B

mavarin said...

I think you're right, B. Guess I'll track down the newest AOL CD I can find, and prepare for another night of downloading updates. Rats. - Karen