Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Give 'Em What [I] Want!

The Karens in my head are out
To tell me what to say.
Each has her own ideas about
What you would read today,
And think, "Yes! This is just the thing
I like to see online,
The stuff that makes my poor heart sing,
And makes the world seem fine,
Inspires me with words that ring
To care, and give my time,
Or else, uncanny, seems to bring
Deep feelings that match mine."

"Give them comedy!" says one,
"Like early Woody Allen,
Clever observations, fun,
And laughs served by the gallon.
Be another Thurber, or
American D. Adams,
With hip and funny wordplay for
The sirs and for the madams."

"Oh, get serious," another
Alter ego cries,
"She's not as funny as her mother,
As she must realize.
So let her touch the heart instead
Of someone's funny bone,
With thoughtful reminiscences
Of travels, or of home."

"Play ambassador," says one
Who loves the Canyon State.
"Upload those photographs! They'll see
Why Arizona's great!
Write of javalinas, and
Of gila monsters, too,
Petroglyphs, kachinas and
The latest monsoon view."

"Let's look at Arizona with
Perspective and compassion,"
Says another, "'cause this place is more
Than scenery and fashion.
Let's speak of homeless in the street,
And animals endangered,
And vigilantes packing heat
So they can shoot a stranger."

"Write of Mâvarin!" demands
The diehard self-promoter.
"Post a prophecy that scans,
A letter or a note...er,
What will effectively invite
Some comments and some looks
At our Mâvarin web site,
And sell some future books?"

"Be quiet, Karens," I demand.
"You each will get your turn.
I'll use humor, and I'll take a stand,
And tell what I have learned
Of Arizona, and of Rani,
Politics and love.
I'll hand out glit'ring words like candy,
Upload a white-winged dove--
But now, please stop; don't make me bandy
Words I keep thinking of,
I'm at work! This is not handy!
I've papers now to shove!"

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ryanagi said...

LOL nice one! -B

sakishler said...

Bravo! Great entry.