Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Well, That Was Tedious

  this was essentially a paperweight for three hours.
I've just spent substantially the entire evening backing up computer files and installing the new service pack for Windows XP.  Last night I was up late waiting for it to download.  Eventually I gave up and went to bed, leaving my dial-up connection running.  I forgot to disconnect in the morning, so my phone line was still tied up all day while I was at work.  No matter.  Whom did I inconvenience?  Some marketing person or political pollster?

The installer for the service pack said something about backing up files before installation.  Okay: what files?  Should I be backing up my Windows settings, or just my documents?  In the end I backed up three CDs worth of documents, AOL and other stuff, and did a backup of Windows settings to elsewhere the C: drive.  Then, of course, the first thing the installer did was back up those same Windows settings, presumably also to the hard drive.  Department of Redundancy Department calling - Mojo Jojo speaking, on the phone, talking to you right now....

Well, I suppose doing a backup is almost never a bad thing, and I got a lot of my homework read during the three or four hours of messing with my computer.  Still: phooey. It would have been better to know what needed to be backed up and what didn't.

I see that Windows now has some kind of antivirus protection.  About time, too.  Norton Antivirus promptly advised me not to let the Windows antivirus know what the Norton Antivirus was doing.  Play nicely, bits and bytes.

And now AOL isn't connecting to the web very well, including on Yahoo, and this journal.  I just had to run the AOL fix software twice. Double phooey. And Norton. Triple phooey.


PS to HG: Love that last line!

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