Wednesday, August 25, 2004

More (and Sillier) Old Stuff that Rhymes

 the late great Toros 

This one's a fake country song inspired by my beloved Toros and an episode of The Simpsons. Howard will probably like it.  I hasten to add that this is NOT autobiographical in any way. - Karen

Double Play (As I Was Stealing Home)

Now my season's over.
I guess it had to end,
But I thought I could play my games
And you'd still be my friend.

Baseball was my alibi
But I wasn't at the 'Dome,
You caught me in a double play
As I was stealing home.

I knew to steal another heart
Was doomed as it was twisted,
But I never thought you'd catch me out
And do it unassisted.

My only season pass this year
Was with my lovely Dawn,
And now it's our relationship
That's going, going, gone!

You saw us both near second base
While my team was away;
Then threw me out as I came home
And made your double play.

June 1997

1 comment:

eeyorehmg said...


The bases, and my conscience, clear,
Her curves no longer dare us.
The final inning's totals here:
No runs, no hits, no Eros.