Saturday, August 21, 2004

Cyberball #1: A Little Night Music

Barbie "Solo in the Spotlight"


Merry Go Round
by Ruth Anne Johnson Funk

You won't hear the words of love I am saying
Words that never should be spoken aloud
With the calliope playing
And the noise of the crowd

Love is just an invitation to danger
We cannot pause for romance
Better to pass by a stranger
Than to take a chance

So we played
Riding high
Gliding by

Down to darkness and in between
We made the carnival scene
But love isn't found
On a merry-go-round

Watch those seeds of love you'll never be reaping
We'll go along for the ride
Acting indifferent and keeping
All the needing inside

So we played
Riding high
Gliding by

Gaily bound to a carousel
We did the carnival thing
But lost the brass ring
For love isn't found
On a merry-go-round

Now for the starlight part:

A Celestial Geode

Hubble photo of N44F

From NASA description: "In this unusual image, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captures a rare view of the celestial equivalent of a geode -- a gas cavity carved by the stellar wind and intense ultraviolet radiation from a hot young star."

Image in other entry:
Quintuplet Cluster
(Hubble Space Telescope image PR99-30B 9/16/99)
"Penetrating 25,000 light-years of obscuring dust and myriad stars, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has provided the clearest view yet of one of the largest young clusters of stars inside our Milky Way galaxy, located less than 100 light-years from the very center of the Galaxy."

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