Saturday, February 26, 2005

And the Days All Run Together

I'm so tiredI've been up until 2 AM or later every night this week, trying desperately to have a Life (or the online portion thereof) after leaving work at 8:45 PM.  I think one night I went to bed at 4 AM, but I don't remember which one. 

Since John often goes to bed before 9 PM, I haven't seen much of him this week.  So tonight I left work at 6 PM, and had dinner with John at the local Chinese restaurant (house egg foo yung for John, shrimp with pea pods for Lent-observing me). Afterward I cleared out my email (most of it) and headed back to the office until 10:20 PM.

In case you're wondering, my office at work is even messier now. 

Progress has been made, however.  I finally got one particularly nasty reconciliation figured out this afternoon, and tonight I got the next most troublesome one under control.  I may actually make my deadline on Monday for the $300 bonus.  The other good news is that I've earned enough OT over the past two weeks to ease what had been a fairly desperate cash flow situation in our bank account.

I haven't slept a wink. But boy, am I tired.  At age almost-48, this full-tilt boogie routine on insufficient sleep takes its toll.  I see it in the substantial increase in typos I have to fix in my blogging.  For example, it took me three attempts to type the word "am" in the first sentence of this paragraph. 

Fatigue also makes it harder to think through the complexities of year-end reconciliation, or to make appropriate decisions, such as whether to buy hair coloring to tone down the top of my head; and if so, what kind and color. And if not, should I instead go back to the barber college guy, or just live with it?  Tonight I spent about fifteen minutes at the grocery store looking at hair coloring and highlights and touch up and color streaking kits.  I finally got in line at the checkout with light brown touch up, only to put it back on the shelf and leave without purchasing anything.

Oh, I'm so tired. This degradation of reason probably explains why I researched World War II slang from 1 AM to 2 AM last night, coming away with nothing more than a definition of the word "ace" and a better understanding of the "Kilroy Was Here" phenomenon.  I only know what day it is insofar as it relates to counting down to my deadline.  It sure as heck doesn't feel like Friday night.

I've written little fragments of JW material for what I estimate will be just two more entries, but it's been a few days since I got any word done on Heirs.  I owe Linda an email. I also haven't done those Holiday Trivia prizes yet.  Good thing you guys are so understanding.  And of course, I've made negative progress on cleaning up messes at home.

On the other hand, Harlan got the photos today.  That's one obligation discharged.  Non-obligations, semi-obligations and recreations, such as reading most blogs I like or doing the blog exchanges, will just have to wait until after Monday, at least.  I promised to write a Quantum Leap article for The Observer in early March.

My mind is on the blink. So here it is, almost 12:30 AM.  I have a noon appointment Saturday at the Red Cross; they called this week saying that they're short on A positive.  Then it's back to the office all day and probably all evening.  I don't know when John and I will watch the right of the Farscape episode in which Crichton finally gets to Earth, but it's the wrong year.

I'm not quite ready to go to bed yet, but I'm getting there.  First I'm determined to do a little typing on my Joshua Wander snippets, and go through a page or three of Heirs.  Then it's bath and bed.

Or maybe I'll waste a little over an hour illustrating this entry with a bunch of silly extreme closeups of exhausted me.

Yup.  That's what I did.



ryanagi said...

I was really DO have very fair eyebrows. Ever think of going honey blond? LOL GET SOME SLEEP! I slept until 12:30 today. Now I have the house to myself and I'm finally getting some laundry done. Woo hoo! ;-)

deabvt said...

Wow!  You better get that bonus!  You`ve earned it!!
[and some sleep!]

olsarduy said...

Whoa!  Hehe.  Nice pictures...