Wednesday, February 2, 2005

A Cryptic Comment

I just wrote my last individual paper for UoP.  It was a rant as much as it was a paper. I tried not to let it be a rant, but I failed.

Oh, well.  Andrea reminds me that the assignment is only worth five points anyway.  That is kind of irrelevant to my feelings about the paper, and my ambivalence about its content.  Maybe I'll change it tomorrow at lunch. Or maybe I'll let it stand. Someone whose judgment I respect thinks I should let it stand.

A propos of John Scalzi's tips today about not writing anything online you don't want others to read, I'll say no more about this here.

22 hours from now, I'll be done with my undergraduate classes.  It only took me 30 years.

The last week of it has been excruciating.


"Say no more."
"I can say no more."

   --from the Beatles movie Help!


deabvt said...

22 Hours!!   Woo Hoo!!

ryanagi said...

I keep fighting the urge to say it...You've come a long way, baby! Oh crap. I said it. LOL Maybe I'll follow your good example and finish my degree too.