Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Mess of Work to Do, and 10 Things As Requested

Office Banter:

Mal:  "What are you doing?"

Me:  "Taking pictures of my messy desk."

Mal wants to know why I'm taking this picture.

Mal:  "Why do you want a permanent record of that?"

the corner

Me:  "So I can compare it with how clean my office is a couple of weeks from now, and be proud of my accomplishment."

This isn't even a real desk.

Mal:  "You only have until Monday."

Me:  "I only have until Monday to close 2004.  I don't have to have my office cleaned up by then!"

office cabinets

This is actually not as bad as my office looked about ten minutes before I took the pictures.  At one point, I had stacks of yellow check copies all over my desk and on the floor.

I accomplished a lot today, though.  I got a major, messy reconciliation completed, did payroll, and discovered that a mystery credit card number was accociated with an account that has a different number on the statements.  Best of all, I came up with a plan for completing two major expense/liability reconciliations in less than half the time it usually takes, without sacrificing accuracy.  Yay, me!  I'm beginning to think maybe I can get this done in time after all.


Per John Scalzi's "Wednesday Meme":
Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't
(for which I'll try to avoid duplicating any of last week's 100 true things about me)

1.  I've caught up with my "daddy" at Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario, only to have him turn around and speak to little me in French.  Oops!  Wrong man!

2.  I've walked backwards, all the way home from elementary school.

3.  I've eaten peanut butter and bologna sandwiches (with lettuce, mustard and mayo) and claimed to like them; and laced diet cola with black pepper as a possible cold remedy.

4.  I've been kissed by Isaac Asimov.

5.  I've read Thurber in the balcony of the Metropolitan Opera House during a performance of Madame Butterfly.

6.  I've co-founded an international fan club for a tv show.

7.  I've sneaked away from the Universal Studios Tour in order to look for a certain production office on the Universal lot.  We found it.

8.  I've failed to recognize my favorite actor in makeup.

9.  I've junked a car outside Indio, California after the vehicle's top speed dropped to 15 mph (bad transmission).

10.  I've learned that Max Wright is much more enthusiastic if you mention Misfits of Science to him instead of ALF.

Not as impressive as Scalzi's list, but at least it's quirky.



alphawoman1 said...

What a great list and I must tell you, I have not been kissed by Asimov...but the other stuff....??????????

plittle said...

Being kissed by Asimov is the only thing on that list I have done. No, wait, I'm exaggerating again.

mutualaide said...

Oh, drat!  I am just finishing up the cleaning touches to my office space and desk.  Completed the desk yesterday and at present I am wading through boxes upon boxes of three years worth of stuff.  Should have taken pictures for myself.  Next time (please, don't let it get that way again) I will take pictures first!  Ah, shucks, I'm proud of myself anyway.

I've done the #2 slot on your was so many years ago, but I can recollect the sensation!

ryanagi said...

peanut butter and bologna? yowza

deabvt said...

Great Pics!

pixiedustnme said...

not as impressive?!!  yours are great!  and man that is ONE messy desk

pixiedustnme said...

not as impressive?!!  yours are great!  and man that is ONE messy desk

cneinhorn said...

love your list....and can't wait to see the "after" photos!  now, how old were you when you got that famous smooch ;-)  great list!