Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Holiday Trivia for Mardi Gras / Shrove Tuesday (posted a little late)

Question One: Aside from New Orleans,  the most famous place to celebrate Mardi Gras (Carnival) is probably
    a) Munich
    b) Amsterdam
    c) Syracuse
    d) Rio de Janeiro

Question Two: What is traditionally served on Shrove Tuesday in the U.S., Canada, England and elsewhere, especially by Anglicans and Episcopalians?
      a) Jambalaya
      b) Seafood Gumbo
      c) Pancakes
      d) Bourbon

Question Three: In Germany, Mardi Gras / Shrove Tuesday is
    a) called Karneval or Fasching, depending on where you are
    b) celebrated New Orleans style with jazz and everything
    c) a day of fasting
    d) not celebrated


plittle said...

I have no idea.

sakishler said...

Oh, yay! More holiday trivia from Karen, so I can prep for those Jeopardy people who still haven't called me!

1. d.

2. c

3. This one I don't know. a?

Off to Google to learn my new thing for the day!

daephene said...

I am in complete agreement with the previous two posters on all three questions.  

jeff466 said...


2-C (although D would certainly make it more interesting!)

3-A (my first thought was D though)


ryanagi said...

1. D
2. C
3. A