Monday, October 10, 2005

Another Weekend Gone Too Soon

It has been suggested to me, by friends who care about my well-being, that I cut back on my blogging, and plan on not posting at all on one or more days of the week. This is something I'm not prepared to do, at least not in the near future.  I enjoy this too much to give it up, even just on Tuesdays or Fridays.  The truth be told, I'm too obsessive about it, but I'm not ready to let that obsession fade.

I can, however, set up some rules for myself:

1.  It's okay to have an entry with only a couple of paragraphs, and/or only one photo.

2.  No blogging after 1 AM MST, except for proofreading.

3.  Make time for the rest of my life.

This weekend, "the rest of my life" consisted mostly of church and video, with a little editing and sleeping thrown in.  I was up late on Friday night, because I could sleep until 1PM Saturday, and did.  We saw The Corpse Bride, which was a good, satisfying movie, and spent the rest of the day watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD.  We sure get a lot of use out of our Buffy collection!  The problem is, John needs to unwind and relax, so he puts in a DVD.  If it's something I like at all, I almost inevitably end up in the den, watching whatever it is for the next three to six hours.  I have no willpower when it comes to video. 

Today it was the first nine episodes of Barney Miller, and then more Buffy.  But that's not quite all I did.  I took about 50 pictures of Episcopal School Sunday at St. Michael's this morning, and spent much of this evening editing them.  The camera is starting to do bad things - locking up, not getting the exposure right, the barrel of the lens not opening or retracting properly.  It's only 7 months old, but it's already taken nearly 3600 pictures.  I'd hate to have to replace it already, but it may come to that.

In between church this morning and photo editing tonight, I watched video, got a nap, and worked out.  The laundry is just running now, at 12:45 AM.  I did get a little work in on Heirs, but not much.  And I still need to get the church's schedule page updated tonight, and a few photos posted.  People keep saying I'm doing a good job as church webmaster, but the truth is that I'm way behind.  I've still got 2004 photos up instead of 2005 ones on the English Faire andthe Blessing of the Animals, all the recent events from which I have hundreds of not-so-great photos.  And I didn't show up for Michaelmas at all because of a scheduling conflict with my trainer at L.A. Fitness.

12:53 AM.  Guess I'd better call this entry done, and get on with the church stuff.  But if you catch me blogging after 1 AM, don't tell on me, okay?


The choir has guests from the day school.

The choir has guest participants from the day school.

Pancake breakfast. 
The pancake breakfast.

(Two photos have been deleted here for security reasons.  Sorry.)


gaboatman said...

I'm glad to hear that you've a plan and a schedule.  All that's left is to implement it and I wish you luck on that.  You know that your friends are just concerned with your well being and want only the best for you.  Good luck and, (pardon the pun), keep us posted.

deabvt said...

Monday, October 10, 2005
12:59:00 AM MST

er, cuttin` it close, huh?  heheheeh,