Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fiction and Poetry, Already in Progress


Well, well,  well.  The VIVI nominees have been announced, and overall I'm very pleased.  Most of my favorite journals have been nominated in appropriate categories, and there are lots of other nominees that I look forward to checking out as well.  So far, I've been impressed with nearly everything I've seen.  Congratulations, everyone, on your well-deserved honors!

And yes, I'm also pleased for reasons of personal validation.  Musings from Mâvarin has received two nominations, both fiction related:

Fiction...poetry...that stuff.

My series is a serial.

Art by Sherlock, mostly
The second one is for the Joshua Wander serial:

Non-Mâvarin Fiction Entry: Meet Joshua Wander

Meet Joshua Wander
After a series of dangerous experiments and the death of his beloved professor, a physics student becomes unstable, in more ways than one!
Part One    Part Two   Part Three   Part Four   Part Five  
Part Six   Part Seven   Part Eight   Part Nine   Part Ten
Part Eleven   Part Twelve   Part Thirteen   Part Fourteen   Part Fifteen  
Part Sixteen   Part Seventeen   Part Eighteen   Part Nineteen 

I don't really expect to win, I'm telling myself, as an innoculation against disappointment later.   But if you've enjoyed Meet Joshua Wander or Mall of Mâvarin, my haiku or my other poetry, I'd really appreciate your vote!

For those of you who are just now sampling my wares, here's a handy link list to other fiction and poetry I've posted in the past year:

(Okay, this is fun.  Tonight, Google insists that I'm German!)

Mall of Mâvarin
My current serial is a non-canonical crossover story between Joshua Wander and the Mâvarin novels.  High school students from DeWitt, NY find themselves remembering their lives in another world. 
Part One    Part Two   Part Three   Part Four   Part Five  
Part Six   Part Seven   Part Eight   Part Nine   Part Ten  
Part Eleven   Part Twelve   Part Thirteen   Part Fourteen  
Part Fifteen   Part Sixteen   Part Seventeen   Part Eighteen 
Part Nineteen  Part Twenty   Part Twenty-One   Part Twenty-Two  
Part Twenty-Three   Part Twenty-Four   Part Twenty-Five   Part Twenty-Six  
Part Twenty-Seven   Part Twenty-Eight  
Part Twenty-Nine   Part Thirty   Part Thirty-One   Part Thirty-Two

Mâvarin Fiction Entries

These are first-person accounts (mostly letters and diary entries) from the characters in my Mâvarin novels.  I did them mostly as a writing exercise, to shed a little extra light on the events in the two novels.  (And yes, the other reason was to drum up interest in the books!) The ones listed below were posted in October, 2004:
A Londran Police Report
A Letter from Uncle Jamek
A Letter from Rithe Fost
From the Secret Diaries of Commander Wil Masan
A Letter from Fayubi 

Other Fiction:
Only one of the following is a formal short story.  The rest are oddball entries with fictional elements:
Seasonal Fiction: Snowflake
100 Things About Karen That Aren't True - and 10 That Are
The Frightful Beam of Light  / Day Tripper
Black Rose Kate, the Pirate Scribe!

Poetry and Songs:
There are more haiku here than I realized, plus a variety of other poetical pieces.
Almost Unassisted Poetry 
Here Lies Some Blocher
Christmas Haiku, Part One: At the Mall
Christmas Haiku #2 Retro Christmas
Meeting Nicholas Again for the First Time
My Low-Tech, Postage-Free Holiday Card to You All
Tuffy's Resolutions for 2005 - in Haiku!
Maybe I'll Post Something Cheerful Later Today
Radio!  Radio!  Right Now! 
Haiku Declaration
Haiku as Performance Art
My Teen-Aged Alienation Comes Back to Haunt You
That Unforgettable Trip
Today's Lunchtime Confection

 I was feeling a little guilty about only posting one fiction entry a week (usually), and poetry less often than that.  But it really adds up, doesn't it?  I do plan to step up the frequency of both for the next couple of weeks, but there will still be Weekend Assignments, photo shoots, and anything else I feel like posting.  Tonight, for example, I was going to write about the role of rhymes and errors in filling my head with junk from the past.  All things considered, though, I think I'll hold that entry for Sunday.  I'm determined to finally finish Mall of Mâvarin before the month is out, even if I have to say that "they woke up, and it was all a dream."  And I really hate that kind of cop-out ending!


VIVI Nominees:
VIVI Official Nominees, Part One
VIVI Official Nominees, Part Two
Submitted For Your Consideration...  (my suggestions, now moot, for nominating people)


I just finished checking out all the other nominees in these two categories, with the exception of one I've visited before.  (I'll be right there, Vince!)  They are as follows:

The Falling Apart - bjp555
Messages- jouell3935
Poetry Dance - auburndawn
Tidbits - octoberroots

"baby got back"
        Adventures in Juggling - nicurnmama
"Growing up Shelli (Part One)"
        Day in the life of Shelli D - dazeychic
"It's Just a Toaster..."
        In my opinion, and Yes I have an opinion on EVERYTHING - pixiedustnme
"Monday Makeover, Week #1"
        Simple yet satisfying - Annalisa135
"okay, so here's the deal"
        Random Ramblings... - xzasporated1
"Satan is a Manicurist"
        ChaseNKids - chasenkids
"The Wedding From Hell"
        Adventures of a desperately fat housewife - tillysweetchops

And mine, of course.

I've read some very good poetry in several places, true tales of comic misadventures that probably weren't much fun to live through, a proof of group generosity, heart-wrenching entries about an unimaginably horrendous childhood, and a reaction to an unexpected visual reminder of the death of a child.  Good stuff, all of it. (Well, there was one I stopped reading after a few paragraphs,  but I won't tell you which one.)  Go see for yourself!

But after you've read all this wonderful work by other people, I still want you to vote for mine.  Does that make me a bad person?   ;)



jouell3935 said...

Congratulations on the nominations!!!!!!


bjp555 said...

Thank you for checking out my journal.  Congrats on the nominations also!  You definitely deserve them! : )


octoberroots said...

Thank-you for the vote of confidence over at Tidbits.  I stopped by here earlier this morning when I received the news.  I must confess even though I scout for well written poetry journals my visit was mostly to size the competition...;)

I didn't have any time to leave a comment this morning,  but I did want to say congrats, and as for you losing the award to me,  don't count on it.  Your works here are brilliant,  and imaginative.


ondinemonet said...

Hey Sweetie

I am thrilled to see you be getting some much deserved recognition! I'm thrilled I tell you!! LOL. Best of luck to you O'Talented One!

Always, Carly :)

deabvt said...

Karen, Congrats on your Vivi nominations!

viviansullinwank said...

{{{{{Karen}}}}}  CONGRATULATIONS on your double nominations! Those graphics looks great here....and no you're not a bad person  :)   You're just telling everyone that you're deserving of another that says you won the category  :)  Good luck!!


republicanjen said...

Congratulations on your Vivi Awards nomination!

nightmaremom said...

Congrats on the VIVA nomination, good luck!