Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Corporate Halloween Happenings

What a coincidence!This flyer first appeared in a corridor of Unnamed Largish Company about a day after Carly announced her husband Alan's idea for this week's Round Robin Photo Challenge:  Halloween Happenings!  Spooky, huh? 

At the risk of giving away company secrets, I'm going to admit to you here and now that the company that employs me has Halloween decorations up.  Since I make a point of never naming the firm in my blogs, or mentioning what kind of business it is, or revealing exactly what I do all day at work, I think I can get away with telling you this. 

the balloons in better daysMaybe not, though.  When these balloons arrived in our department a week ago, I waited until nearly everyone had left for the day, and then took some pictures of the balloons. I say nearly everyone, because at the sound of the first photo being taken (my digital camera has a sound effect turned on so I know it took a picture), one of my co-workers popped up to jokingly ask whether I was photographing company secrets.  I said that I was photographing the company balloons. I went on to reveal for the first time that I have "a significant online presence."  My co-worker went home that night, Googled the word "mavarin" and found this blog.  He was disappointed, though, because I hadn't posted any balloon pictures.  Well, here's one of them, D.!

Poor balloon!As you can probably guess, there are definite drawbacks to filling a room with helium balloons nearly two weeks before the holiday you're celebrating.  Within two days, a couple of the black balloons, including mine, were hanging instead of floating.  It was so sad!  I felt as though I had a defective balloon.  By now, of course, all the balloons are like that. At least they were, until people started taping them to the tops of cubicles, as I soon did, or removed them entirely.

Cobwebby fun!It doesn't really matter, though.  The balloons (the orange ones, anyway) still add color to the drab, cubicle-filled room, and the fact that they're "hanging" like that adds a macabre touch.  One side of the room got cobwebs, too, which I like a lot.  We didn't get them on our side, probably because our part of the room isn't visible from the door.  But I brought in my own little rubber spider web, and strung it between my black balloon and my hanging baskets.

The Halloween Happenings flyer is for a different department, I'm sorry to say, but it looks as though we'll have a pot luck anyway.  I'm bringing the apples.  Should I bring caramel for them or leave the appled au naturel?good display. Tough photo.

Meanwhile, I get to enjoy the decorations throughout the building.  My favorite is this display in the break room.  I admire it every day, almost.  It was really hard to get a good picture of it, though, because of the contrast between the lit jack-o'-lantern and the dark figure.  This photo was about the fifth attempt.

I'll be writing more about Halloween at home as we get closer to the day, but don't expect to see "the reveal" of my costume for this year until October 31st.  I've been very busy at home and around town, shopping for Halloween Happenings of a personal nature. I initially put this year's costume together without spending a penny, but I find myself enhancing it with new accessories and additional items of clothing. John has accused me of purchasing "my stylish yet affordable boots" (Quick! What's that quote from?) just for the sake of the costume.  Well, yeah, I will wear them on Halloween. But I fully intend to wear them on other occasions, too.  Like Rodeo Days (a local holiday here).  Or when it rains.  And when it snows here, any year now, I'll be ready!


All photos by KFB

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mariebm56 said...

Very cool decorations~

acyrlicstains said...

Very interesting and sets the halloween spirt/mood!~
Renee @

shedrawsanime said...

OooOOOOooo!  Sounds like a bunch of fun!!!  I wish I was invited!!  I never get to go to Halloween parties anymore.... Waaaah!  Although, I DO get to make cupcakes for my daughter's class.  :)  


globetrotter2u said...

Dang it! I typed a big long comment and accidently hit the wrong button and deleted it. Now I have to try to remember what I said...
Well okay, Karen. Now why didn't you tell us you were a CIA operative? We promise we won't leak your secret! Let Karl Rove do that! (Wicked cackle inserted here.)
Use caramel with the apples. Best treat in the world as long as you don't have false teeth:(
Love the faces on those pumpkins!
Hmmm, my memory sucks. This ended up much shorter than the last comment.
Lucky you!

tc01hm said...

I'm with you on the droopy balloons, adds to the flavor,! LOL Fun work atmo!

dornbrau said...

You know what... this is only my 3rd round robin, but your journal is one of the first I visit only because I know your entry will be completely on the wild side!  That poor little deflated balloon is so sad.

ondinemonet said...

Hi Karen :)

Isn't it fun when you can be in the Halloween spirit at work! I love the side views of the cubicles with the decorations. :) Excellent!

Always, Carly :)

rrveh1 said...

Indeed, spooky - cool balloons and table decor -creative 2nd entry!

I have little time to travel J-Land - so many super Journals and Photoblogs!
Thanks to you and Carly, I have found "new" J-Blogs through RRC -
Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much for your visits & kind posts! _rRose