Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Clandestine Photos

[If you're here to check out this journal in connection with the VIVI Awards, welcome!  Fiction and poetry are only part of what I do here.  Feel free to browse,  but if you're in a hurry to find the VIVI-nominated stuff, click here for a handy list of links.  Tonight, though, I'm doing the photo essay thing.]

This is Part Two of my entry in the Round Robin Photo Challenge, subject "Halloween Happenings."  Scroll down if you haven't see Part One yet, because without it you'll be wondering what I'm talking about!

Yes, I snuck in a few more pictures at work today, both in my cubicle and on my way out the door.  Here's a picture of the rubber spiderweb I mentioned last night:

More or less the way it actually looks.

When I opened this photo, there was something about it - the angle, probably - that made me think it was a good candidate for filters and effects.  I don't have Photoshop (not on this computer, anyway), but PhotoStudio 2000, which came free with my scanner, has fun stuff to play with.  Here are the fruits of my "fun!"

high contrast

Crayon, I think.


High contrast.

High contrast and fisheye and cone.

High contrast, followed by fisheye and cone, which almost cancel each other out.  So I went back and did the fisheye again.  I like the way it gave the wall an "eye."

High contrast and Magic Mirror.

High contrast and magic mirror produced this spooky face!

I also took a few more pictures in the break room.  Concentrating on a single element of the display seemed to work out better.

The folky witchy guy.

The folky, witchy guy.

jack-o-lantern with flash

Electric jack-o'-lantern, with flash.

Electric jack-o'-lantern, without flash.

The same electric jack-o'-lantern, without flash.


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ondinemonet said...

These are great, my favorite is the pumpkin without the flash. :)

Always, Carly :)

botdotdotdot said...

I think it looks like too much fun there to call it a work place.  Thanks for all the photos.


mariebm56 said...

You really get into HAlloween!!
Great stuff~
Congratulations on your nomination!