Wednesday, October 5, 2005


1. Time Management Du Jour:
a) Super-quick blog entry, quick workout, home, check email, get ready for bed.
b) Regular blog entry, no workout, half hour editing Heirs, get ready for bed.
c) Short blog entry, no workout, an hour on Heirs and other stuff, ready for bed.
d) Get sidetracked with blogging and IM and go to bed late as usual.

Answer - c - I hope!

2)  Photo?
a) Quick!  Think of a good photo to take at home after 11 PM!
b) Illustrate this entry with a random photo from My Pictures, one that I haven't used before.
c) Use a rerun.
d) Have a rare, unillustrated journal entry.

Answer - a - sounds like fun!

Blessing of the Animals at St. Michael's, 10/2/05.

3) Sharing
a) Be incredibly open with intimate details about my life.
b) Be reasonably open, but guarded.
c) Keep my personal life as private as possible.
d) Don't give any personal details at all.  Write about lemurs instead, or George W. Bush.

Answer:  - b - more or less what I try for here. 

Disneyland fireworks, Labor Day Weekend 2005.

I can't think of a #4 right now.

I had a productive 24 hours, though. I did work out last night, read through a page or two of Heirs, got to bed at 1 AM instead of 2 AM, and unfortunately lay awake for a bit.  I'll have to train my body to sleep earlier.  I got a lot done at work today due to my new approach to data entry on this particular task. I took care of an important errand at lunch, and did the Dine for America thing with John tonight.  We even connected with an old friend for a face-to-face chat in the aisles at Target.

If I post this right now, I can still manage something between 1b and 1c, and still get more sleep than usual.  So there!


Photos added.  I tried to let the screensaver choose these, and half-succeeded. The birthday balloon I'm posting deliberately, though, in honor of my mom, born 10/6/27. Happy birthday, Mom! I'll try to get out to the cemetery tomorrow.

(Balloons  at Eva's 100th Birthday  party, May 2005.)


deabvt said...

Yea!  Early to bed!!

gaboatman said...

Excellent, Karen!  You're off to a good start here.  Good luck with this!

ryanagi said...

e) Become a weekend only blogger, edit book during former weekday blog time, workout, go to bed early. ;-)

cinisoul said...

I have a problem going to bed early too.  I say i'm gonna go to sleep at a certain time and then 3 hours later i'm still up.  I like this entry, I should do something similar to it.

globetrotter2u said...

Just wondering if you live close to St. Michael's , Maryland? (from the pic?)
Anyhow, it's all a juggling game, that we play. Good luck my friend!
I forgot to get back to you the other day but "Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen was on the Leonard Cohen "Essentials" CD.
Great CD!
Take care,'

tillysweetchops said...

A productive 24 hrs? You're a one woman whirlwind of creativity - I'm in awe!