Monday, October 24, 2005

That Unforgettable Trip

Just a slight exaggeration here....

Scott and Us, August 1990Oh, that day?
Yes, I remember!
It was in August
(Perhaps November).
We went to Norco
(Perhaps Pomona),
And while at Denny's,
We used the phone, uh...
Who was the guy
That gave us the tip,
Who helped us to make
Our unauthorized trip?
We called him Deep Tram,
But was his name Mike?
The script that he autographed that day.Then we drove out and found
Scott's car (and his bike?);
He was just coming in
(Or going on break?);
I remember that moment
Quite well - no mistake!
The nicest tv star
I ever had met.
Yes, that was a day
I'll never forget!

KFB, 10/24/05

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1 comment:

gaboatman said...

Okay, which part was the exaggeration?  I liked the poem and it sounds like you snuck off to see them film an episode of Quantum Leap.  I really liked that show for it's first three seasons, then it seemed to fade off my radar.  It looks like you had fun with this entry and it was fun to read.