Monday, January 3, 2005

Holday Trivia for the Tenth Day of Christmas

Coming down toward the end here....

Question One Hundred Two: On the tenth day of Christmas, someone's true love received
    a) ten drummers drumming
    b) ten pipers piping
    c) ten lords a-leaping
    d) oh, nothing much, really

Question One Hundred Three: Before reaching "the place where the child was," whom did the magi visit?
image borrowed from's_Crook/    a) St. Elizabeth
    b) Herod the Great
    c) Herod Antipas
    d) Augustus Caesar




sakishler said...

I think I get a perfect score here if I actually type the choices that I mean this time:

102. c.

103. b

jeff466 said...

102-B (D would make the song funnier though!)

103-B  Jeff

ryanagi said...

102. C
103. C