Friday, January 7, 2005

Question of the Week

Night before last, I was up until about 4 AM writing that eight page ethics paper. Last night, I fully intended to make up for lost sleep, but then I got sidetracked with bad feelings over last night's GEN 480 class.  I got bumped from a team!  Me!  The one who usually does most of the work and all of the editing!  To be fair, I should say that three of them had never actually teamed with me, although we'd shared classes together. Even so, I had hoped that A.J., the fourth team member, would speak on my behalf.  Heck, maybe she did, but I was still in that nasty last-picked-in-gym-class emotional space for a while there.

Besides, this last course looks to be a disappointment.  It's not just about ethics after all, or even ethics plus critical thinking.  It starts out that way, and then turns into a put-it-all-together, apply what you've learned hoopfest that probably seems like a really great idea to MBA muckymucks in Phoenix.  Even if I weren't already tired, this sort of thing would make me tired. 

So I ranted about all this to John in person and to Becky online. In between I watched Dead Like Me with John, because he got it from NetFlix. Later I got sidetracked with the clean-up of those 1986 photos.  Next thing I know, it's just about 4 AM again, but I'm not upset any more about the learning team rejection. I'm feeling good about the pretty entry and the greatly improved photos.

Tonight I'm just tired. We've eaten at Smokin' and watched more Dead Like Me, and I've messed around with BlogExplosion on Shelly's recommendation.  Shelly, how do I get you referral credit for that?  But I'm not up for another extravaganza like last night, and I'm fresh out of holidays until tomorrow (hint). So I'm going to start something that I was planning to do just before I thought of blogging Holiday Trivia instead.

Remember the question "How many elephants?"  People seemed to have fun with that, and I didn't leave it unexplained nearly long enough to give it full effect.  Well, tonight I'm going to post another question.  It isn't quite as Zen and flummoxing as the elephant question, and I didn't make it up.  It was previously posed by Michele on Thanks, Michele, for letting me borrow it.  Here it is:

Push the button, Frank.If you could have a magic red button on your desk or in your home, that did one thing when you pressed it, what would you want that one thing to be?

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My response should be no surprise to anyone who's noticed how often I trot out the picture of me being sleepy:

Extra hours, extra sleep. Best of all would be a pause button for life, stopping everything except what I want to be doing. Hit pause and sleep for eight or ten hours, even if it's 5 AM and I'm due in at 9 AM. Get up, go to work, hit pause, blog at work, unpause, do my job, go home, hit pause, blog some more, unpause, pay attention to John and the dog. Pause again to do homework or work on the novels. Oh, yeah. That would be great! I just can't make it on a 24-hour-unpaused day.

Alternatively, I'd love to be able to buy instant sleep. I'd get it by the case.

How about you folks?

G'night.  I'm behind with the Holiday Trivia scoring, but I'll announce answers and final scores for the holiday season on Sunday.


Updated and revised Sat. 1/8 at 4:39 AM.  This has got to stop!


ondinemonet said...

Hi Karen

Were we seperated at birth by any chance? LOL. I am up most nights, even when I appointments the next day. My usual writing hours are from 10:00PM to 5:00 Am. My husband snores and so does these hours just work out for me, but sometimes I wish I kept more normal hours. If I had that lovely big red button I would sure use it to have a small block of time to make contact with my online friends just to hear that all is well. I am reluctant to hit the IM, there is a lot of different rules and manners, but I become concerned when I know my online friends are having a rough time. So my little red button would be for visiting. :)

Take care love and thanks for coming by Ellipsis...always good to hear from you!

Love, Carly :)

shellys555 said...

Karen, to give me the referrer's credit on Blog Explosion, you have to go in via the link on one of my blogs. The link is keyed to my account there. I have the links in the sidebar, usually near the bottom with the rings and credits. --Shelly

shellys555 said...

I should add that I do not have the link on my LJ cuz there's no room for it there, but it's on the Blogger Cyber Chocolate and a few other of the Blogger blogs.

deabvt said...

Karen...Get some SLEEP!

ryanagi said...

LOL My sleep schedule has been TOTALLY off the last few days. Oh, and isn't Dead Like Me good?! Told ya! Love that show. It's 7pm. I've managed to stay up later today. I was sleeping from like 2pm until 10pmish...but that has to stop since John will be out of town a couple days next week and can't work and watch Tyler at the same time. I got off easy. LOL It was fun having the extra evening hours for a while there. As for the red button...I really like your pause button idea. I'd like one that dispatched a robo-maid (like on the Jetsons). Rosie would clean my house, do my laundry, make dinner... all at the touch of my little red button. It would be GREAT. LOL