Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Holiday Trivia for...Um....!


Question One Hundred Four: We Three Kings of Orient Are...how do we know there were three Magi, and that they were kings?
image borrowed from http://www.smlc-elca.org/Shepherd's_Crook/     a)  from the Gospel According to Matthew
     b)  from the Gospel According to Luke
     c)  from the song, which was based on a bad translation in the King James Bible
     d)  from traditions developed in the third through eighth centuries AD. They were more likely Zoroastrian astrologers.

Question One Hundred Five: What's been wrong with my 12 Days of Christmas questions recently?
    a) Gee, Karen, you've been scoring the answers wrong
    b) Hey, Karen,  the 12 days of Christmas are supposed to end with Christmas
    c) Pay attention, Karen: you've been running a day ahead in the numbering
    d) Relax, Karen, nothing's wrong

Oops! Karen


madmanadhd said...

I can take a stab at #104... D? My understanding was that they were not kings but astrologers.
Not sure about #105 but I thought Epiphany, by which the 12 Days are based on, is officially tomorrow, Jan 6. We used to open some of our gifts on Epiphany as a child.

Howd I do?


sakishler said...

104. d

105. c. It actually registered in my brain that this was happening but it didn't register enough to make me worry about it too much.

ryanagi said...

104. D
105. C I was scratching my head about that. LOL

jeff466 said...