Saturday, January 1, 2005

Holiday Trivia for New Year's Day

Question Ninety-Three: The designation of January 1 as the start of the new year was first established by
    a) the Roman Senate in 153 BCE
    b) Julius Caesar in 46 BCE
    c) Guy Lombardo in 1945
    d) Pope Gregory XIII in 1582

Question Ninety-Four: Why would I pick today to mention the Frosty the Snowman TV special?
  a) Frosty promises to come back on New Year's Day
     b) Frosty's first words are "Happy New Year!"
     c) It's Frosty's favorite holiday
     d) No good reason

Question Ninety-Five: Which of the following parades does not take place on New Year's Day?
    a) the Tournament of Roses Parade
    b) the Mummer's Parade
    c) the parade of the Golden Bough
a four-day parade in Nepal (the beginning of it, anyway)

Question Ninety-Six: What is the name of the Rankin-Bass sequel to the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV special?
    a) Rudolph's Happy New Year
     b) Rudolph and Frosty: Happy at Last
     c) Rudolph's Frosty New Year
     d) Rudolph's Shiny New Year

Question Ninety-Seven: What year was the first Tournament of Roses Parade?
    a) 1886
    b) 1902
    c) 1916
    d) 1945

Question Ninety-Eight: Who or what is a "first-footer"?
    a) the first person to dance at  a Baltic New  Year's celebration
    b) the traditional gathering of old shoes on New Year's Day in Sweden for donation to the poor
    c) the first person to leave a New Year's Eve party after midnight
    d) the first person to cross the threshold after midnight at a Hogmany celebration (a dark-haired gentleman is thought to bring good luck)

Question Ninety-Nine: Which of the following foods is not considered (somewhere!) to bring good luck if eaten New Year's Day (particularly at midnight in some cases)? 
    a)  black-eyed peas
     b)  apples
     c)  lobster
     d) 12 grapes

Happy New Year! - Karen


jeff466 said...








Happy New Year :)  Jeff

sakishler said...

Some toughies here.

93. a

94. Boy, I haven't watched this special in forever. Never one of my favorites. I choose "b" - somehow that rings a bell. I do like "d"!

95. c?

96. d?

97. Heck if I know. c, maybe.

98. a?

99. a?

ryanagi said...

93. B
94. A
95. C
96. D
97. 1890
98. D
99. C (although I would feel pretty damn lucky to have lobster on new years. LMAO)