Thursday, January 6, 2005

Holiday Trivia for the Epiphany

Question One Hundred Eight: What does Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night have to do with Epiphany?
    a) It is known to have been first performed on that date in 1602.
    b) The play begins and ends on Epiphany
    c) Wild behavior in the play echoed Epiphany revelries in his time
    d) The play contains twelve drummers drumming

Question One Hundred Nine: Alleged relics of the three Magi are kept in a cathedral in
image borrowed from's_Crook/    a) Constantinople
    b) Cologne
    c) Rome
    d) Milan

Question One Hundred Ten: What is the full name of Epiphany in the Episcopal calendar?
   a) The Feast of the Epiphany
   b) The Twelfth Day of Christmas, Otherwise Known as the Epiphany
   c. The Epiphany or the Manifestation of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Gentiles
   d. The Epiphany or the Adoration of the Magi

Question One Hundred Eleven: Besides the arrival of the Magi, Epiphany celebrates
    a) the Baptism and the Transfiguration of Jesus
    b) the Circumcision and Baptism of Jesus
    c) the Transfiguration of Jesus and the Conversion of St. Paul
    d) the birth of Sherlock Holmes according to the Greek calendar



jeff466 said...





sakishler said...

108. a

109. Well, c seems like the obvious choice. I suppose that probably means it's wrong.

110. a

111. I'm seriously tempted to pick d. But I will go with a.

ryanagi said...

108. C?
109. B and D (Cologne has some and gifted some to Milan also)
110. A
111. A