Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Holiday Trivia Posted in a Mad Rush

 Tomorrow night's trivia will be posted after class, but it should be worth the wait.  All Epiphany, all the time!

Question One Hundred Six: Which of these is not an authentic song about the Magi?  
image borrowed from's_Crook/    a) The March of the Three Kings
    b) Eastern Monarchs, Sages Three
    c) From The Orient They Came a-Riding
    d) Hey Hey We’re The Magi

Question One Hundred Seven: What does it mean if you find a thimble in your slice of Epiphany cake, at least according to St. Michael's and All Angels Church (and I'm sure they didn't make it up!)?
      a) someone lost a thimble
      b. the baker didn't have a sixpence to put in it
      c. you're supposed to bake the cake next year
      d. you will have to work hard throughout the year




ryanagi said...

106. D
107. D (wow there are a lot of different interpretations of this tradition)

cneinhorn said...

I"d say D and D...


sakishler said...

106. D, I would venture. Although that sounds like it would be a good song.

107. D? Although it seems a little mean - aren't things that you find in cakes usually supposed to be good luck?

jeff466 said...

106-I'm hoping it is D!!!

107-I'm hoping it is A!!!