Wednesday, September 21, 2005

All the Hits

Back on May 28th of this year, my hit counter, which was up above 12,000, reset to zero.  This is something that happens to a lot of people on AOL-J, for reasons that Journals Editor Joe recently explained. Until this week, there was nothing you could do about it, except substitute a third-party counter to keep it from happening again.  So I sighed, and griped a little, and generally did nothing about it.  Since then, the counter has crept back up over 3,000.

A day or two ago, though, Joe announced a web-based file manager for AOL Hometown FTP space.  (This means you can load pictures for your AIM journal now, Sara!)  This announcement was quickly followed by Joe's step by step guide to resetting the number on your hit counter.  Basically, you can give it any number you want, and let it count up from there.

Well, I'm not greedy - actually I am, but I'm also honest.  So tonight I added 12,050 hits to the existing number.  This is my best approximation of  what it would have been without the glitch.

It doesn't really matter.  Carly tells me that RSS feeds don't trip the hit counters.  Neither does an AOL Alert email or alert window, I assume.  People could easily be reading this without the counter knowing anything about it.  In fact, I hope that they are.  (If you're one of them, hi there!)

Still, I'm glad to have the counter back up around where it's "supposed" to be.

In other news, I wrote my first quiz on Quizilla tonight.  Check it out! 

Are You a Heroine or Villainess?
a Quizilla quiz by Karen Funk Blocher

I didn't want to violate copyright, so I didn't initially add images of Snow White, Buffy or Maleficent (for example).  Later I added John's and my photos of semi-appropriate characters from our last two trips to Disneyland.  Who knew that Alice of Wonderland fame was postmodern?

I thought about using the Sherlock portraits of Cathma and Darsuma and other Mâvarin characters, but I decided to save them for something else later. I may decide to flummux everyone with an all-Mâvarin quiz.


Sorry, guys - this first quiz of mine is a girly one.  I wrote it specifically in reaction to a science fictional QuickKwiz that was decidedly male-oriented.  It said I was Scorpius!  Then once I started writing, I kind of got into fairy tale mode.  My next few quizzes won't be gender-specific.




aurielalata said...

Ok...I'm a villainess! Who knew? Actually, probably my children...dang it.

shellys555 said...

One reason I subscribe, privately, to my own blogs on Bloglines is to see how many folks are subscribing. Along with the counters and stats I have on my blogs, I can see how many folks read them via Bloglines. There are, of course, other rss readers.

I also get to see a map of my readers, on a number of my stat services, since I don't have them on AOL. I'm a bit addicted seeing the Cyber Chocolate gets readers from all over the world.

And of course, one of my blogs has a number of counters, in one form or another, and all have different totals right nwo, so nothing is perfect. On AOL, you get a hit every time you click on your own journal. On many of the independent stat counters, you can exclude IP addresses, so you can exclude yourself, for ex.

Complicated, huh? :) I like have a best guestimate.

globetrotter2u said...

Thank-you for this quizzilla. It was great fun! And I hope that you won't mind what I said about you in my journal...
The heroine,