Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tagged for Seven Times Seven

Tag, I'm it!  Nettie has put me on her list of people who should do the "Seven Things" meme that's been going around.  Okay, here goes:

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:  
1)  Get the Mâvarin books edited, submitted, published, and in the stores. 
2)  Answer fan mail. 
3)  Finish Joshua Wander's story, and get that published, too. 
4)  Visit Ireland, Australia, Greece, and Kenya, but probably not on the same trip. 
5)  Have enough room in my house to be able to organize my stuff and find everything when I want it. 
6)  Lose 100 pounds. 
7)  Learn to be less selfish.

7 Things I Can Do:  
1)  Write novels and essays.
2)  Take decent photos - not extraordinary, but decent.
3)  Love.
4)  Explain what "amortization" is. 
5)  Face my fear of certain rides at Disneyland and California Adventure.  
6)  Tolerate almost everything except intolerance 
7)  Stay up all night reading or blogging.       

7 Things I Can't Do:  
1)  Be confrontational. 
2)  Accept most criticism without feeling hurt.
3)  Find time for everything I want to do.
4)  Sleep for seven hours or more per night. 
5)  Cut back on my blogging.
6)  Hate anyone. 
7)  Be concise.

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex:  
1)  "He makes me laugh." 
2)  intelligence 
3)  kindness
4)  easygoing attitude 
5)  honesty
6)  sensitivity 
7)  lovingness

7 Things I say most often:  
1)  Cool!
2)  Drat! 
3)  Dang it! 
4)  I want to go home. 
5)  Tuf-Tuf-Tuffy!
6)  I'm tired. 
7)  Just let me check my email first.

7 Celebrity Crushes:  
1)  Scott Bakula 
2)  Ben Browder 
3)  Brendan Fraser
4)  Sean Patrick Flanery 
5)  James Marsters
6)  Harlan Ellison
7)  Tobey Maguire


7 People I would like to do this next:  
1)  Sara G.
2)  Sarah K.
3)  Carly
4)  Julie B.
5-7) Anyone else who hasn't already done it.  Let's just get this over with!


cneinhorn said...

you gave me your link, LOL  great answers...and that Toby Mcguire, he is a cutie....let's see who does theirs next!  You were quick Karen, took me a week to finish  ;-)

ryanagi said...

Scott Bakula, Ben Browder, James Marsters...good ones! I agree!  And hey! Maybe we can do Ireland together. LOL  I'd be up for Greece and Australia too.

ondinemonet said...

Hi Sweetie :)

1. I am a big technically you have answered fan mail! Tee Hee.

2. Your photos are way beyond "decent." They sometimes stun me. :)

3. are one of the neatest people I know. :)

4. Yep...that is pretty close to what I put down.

5. "Just let me check my email." LOL. Alan would probably say that one was true of me! LOL.

6. James Marster...SPIKE...DROOOOOOOOOOL! LOL.

7. ME??? You want ME??? to play? Dull old me???? LOL. Tee Hee. :)

Great answers darlin!

Always, Carly :)

chasferris said...

Well done.  You took it seriously and gave thoughtful answers.  I debated whetner or not to do it, and if I did it, whether to be serious or whimsical.  Serious lost.

sakishler said...

Fun. Good stuff. Now off to do mine . . .