Monday, September 19, 2005

Black Rose Kate, the Pirate Scribe!

Yer Monday Photo Shoot: Yar! Be you shooting piratey pictures today! If ye haven't the pirate get-up, ye merely need squint and go "arrrr!" for the camera! That be enough for this photo shoot. Ye may also dredge up any piratey picture from the past ye may be having in yer personal Davey Jones' locker! We be not picky!

Black Rose Kate, the Pirate Scribe
Ahoy, Mateys!  Meet Black Rose Kate, also known as Katie Specks, the Pirate Scribe!

Unlike her mates on the frigate Sorcery, Katie Specks had a genteel upbringing and a fine education. Leastwise, that be what she tells the rest of us!  Aye, mateys, it be certain that she can read and write better than Cap'n Click himself.  And when she's of a mind to do it, she'll talk as fair as any highborn lady what never put out to sea.  When we needs to write something - ransom note, belike, or a letter to me mum - 'tis Black Rose Kate does it fer us. 

Don't let her hifalutin' ways fool ye though, me hearties.  Katie Specks be as dangerous as a typhoon, an' no better mannered.

Ye may be wonderin' why a lady o' breedin' and culture would set sail with the rest of us swabs.  Well, to hear Katie tell it, the reason be quite simple, arrr.  She says she be needin' the swag!  Happen she got a bit o' bounty just today, as ye plainly see.

Black Rose KatePortraits by Jolly John Blocher, Scourge o' the Missing Sea!

Last picture be by Black Rose Kate herself!  Avast! They be the tools o' her trade.

Katie Specks

Tools o' hertrade, aye.One more curiosity about our Katie. She be the only scurvy dog aboard who never takes a drop o' rum. Funny thing - last time we took on a cache o' Her Majesty's finest, I woke the next day with me purse a mite lighter than I thought it were afore. D'yer think maybe...nah!


ryanagi said...

Well blow me down! You are a right bonny pirate, lass! LMAO! You went all out and with great result! You should wear this getup and go trick or treating next month. LOL

coelha said...

YAR....  Very cool...  You deserve the buried treasure...ARR.......
Red Jenny (Julie) :)

ondinemonet said...


I like your silly side! Yarr matey be a dangerously silly pirate to be sure! Yarr!

LOL, Always Carly :)

gaboatman said...

Shiver me timbers, matey!  Its a hard thing not ta like the likes of Black Rose Kate.  Well done here, lassey!  'Tis a pleasure ta see yer there and carrying all that swag!  Arrrgghhh!

rap4143 said...

Great pictures!!!! What an imagination!!!

cinisoul said...

I think yours was the best that i've seen.  very creative, I guess the pen is mightier than the sword.

aurielalata said...

This is too funny and very creative. All I did was blather on about Blackbeard and here you are being the writer scourge!



robinngabster said...

Wow! I think you should get the award for best priate pics!!!! Well done indeed! Captain Jack would be mighty proud.


fisherkristina said...

Lol.  This is great!