Monday, September 26, 2005

John's Turn

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Give your camera to a child, friend, spouse or relative and have them shoot some pictures.

John says that he took "a few" pictures for this, but he didn't seem at all impressed with his own work.  The count of downloaded files was more than a few, though.  Let's see what he did, shall we?

(Pause while I open MS Picture Manager....)

Oh, right.  I forgot I took some pictures relating to the mold remediation today.

Still, he did a lot of interesting stuff.  A few of them either didn't work or were multiple attempts at the same subject matter, but I'll show you most of the pictures he left for me tonight on the Canon PowerShot S410.

1.  Method Madness.

Method is his madness. 
Method in the bath. 
Here are two of the four shots he took of three Method brand dish soap bottles.  John really, really likes the design of these, both in the unusual shape and the fun colors.  The first view shows them out of their normal habitat - on the mantlepiece!  In the second, they're back in the bathroom.  That may sound like an odd place for dish soap, but it's mostly there as decor.

2.  Orange Grid.

Somewhere in the kitchen?

I have no idea what this is, and John's asleep.  So you get to guess what he did here.  I'll report back on Wednesday night.

3. The Bonzos and the Radio

Bonzo dogs - but where is Neil Innes?

John has posed our vintage Bonzo Dog salt and pepper shakers in front of a pink, non-working 1950s radio. Pop quiz: what's the connection between Bonzos and music? I bet Sarah knows.

4.  Colors, Man.

We like the pretty colors!

I know exactly what this is.  Do you?

5.  Monkeys Without a Barrel.

Don't tell Peter Gabriel they're here!

This one is my favorite.  John has laid out his vintage red monkeys from an old Barrel of Monkeys game.  Mind the gap!

Good job, my love!



dbp2000 said...

He obviously went to a lot of trouble and his eye for evoking character in his pictures is excellent!  Is #4, modeling clay? I love the layout of the monkeys!! Good job!!  Well done!

rap4143 said...

Not bad at all :)

aurielalata said...

I really love the monkeys and the bonzos. It seems that you collect vintage toys. Very cool!


kalpal said...

Bonzo dog Band. Have a greatest hits LP for sale if you need a copy. Nah, you have one already on hand.


ryanagi said...

very hip!

sakishler said...

I didn't know what Bonzo Dogs actually were! That salt and pepper set is to die for. So is the monkey shot.